Off The Road


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Off The Road MOD APK - Download the Latest Version for Android Free review of update features and tutorials on how to install for all types of cellphones.

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Off The Road


Racing Games

Off The Road MOD APK - Download the Latest Version for Android Free review of update features and tutorials on how to install for all types of cellphones.

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Off The Road MOD APK is one of the most popular games in the category of Role-Playing Games. This game is being played by lots of people all over the world. This game comes under multiple genres like Adventure, Action, Arcade, and Indie, etc. It was published under the banner of Anuman in 2014. If you are a big fan of this game and want to play it on your android phone then you are in the right place. Here we provide you with a simple guide on how you can download this amazing game on your android phone without any hassles, so let's get started!

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What Is Off The Road MOD APK?

Off The Road is an Android app, which is about the lives of truck drivers. In this game, you will be a truck driver, who has to drive the trailer, which contains goods. You will have to drive the truck on a road that is not paved. The trailer will be decorated with large signs, which are known as ‘radars.’ When you approach the sign, it will be illuminated with bright flashing lights. You will just need to drive the trailer in the right direction until the magic ‘highway’ turns into the ‘road’. The magic ‘highway’ will change depending upon the direction, the angle of your vehicle, and the quality of the signs that are displayed. We recommend that you keep the high prices in mind. If you don’t have any funds or credit cards, then you can try other methods to earn your money. However, this game is pretty addictive. So, if you are wanting to download it on your android phone then we have listed below which are some of the best apps you can use to download the game:

What is the Purpose of the Game:

Upon completion of the game, you can determine the purpose behind it.

These are four things that can be determined:

  • How much profit did the truck make in the current week?
  • What did the driver have to pay for the goods?
  • The truck’s efficiency and the distance it has to travel to stop the rumble.
  • The cash and credit balance in the bank.

Why You Should Play Off The Road MOD APK?

The gameplay is very realistic and demands your complete attention. If you think you can handle it, then why not give it a try and see how it works for you? The graphics will surely blow you away and the gameplay is quite addictive. This game also always keeps you on your toes. The only thing you need to do to win is to create the best road look for your character. Besides that, you just have to need to keep your phone on your wrist and remember to be alert while playing.

Off The Road choose your rig!

Before downloading this app you should know that there are multiple collectible cars to be unlocked and other special cars for you to test your driving skills. Also, now you can make custom garages and shop with your favorite car designs. You can take pictures with your phone and upload them to your gallery. If you are good at designing then you can start with the cars that are already available for you to download. Be careful as the selected automobiles seem to be available only for a limited period. So you better take precautions and dive into the app only after a short period of time or if you are very interested to find other collectibles.


  • Over 115 cars to unlock!
  • 40+ unlockable locations
  • Fully socialize with Facebook and Twitter!
  • No In-App purchases! Just enjoy the game with your thumbs!
  • Share your best design via Facebook and Twitter!

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Features Of Off The Road MOD APK

Off The Road is a racing game that has stunning graphics and a high-definition 3D design. It is a free game and you can play it without any restrictions on your device. This game is a multiplayer game and you can play it online with your friends. You can get a lot of enjoyment by playing this game and you will be able to pass your time by playing it. You can play this game on large aspect ratio phones too.

Off The Road transport goods!

Along with larger screens, you can enjoy this game's content better. To enjoy this game on your android phone, tap on the download link that we provided below, and start playing this online game. You need a High-Speed internet connection to get the best results with OpenAlcatel. This is a game developed and published by Anuman Mobile Development Studio. It is a simple and quick game still in the beta phase which can be played by both adults and children, although it might not be the best for children due to its violent content.

Off The Road land anywhere!

When you are downloading and installing the app of the game, one of the prompts will ask you to grant from app “Anuman” permission. Tap on “Grant” and then you are all set to play this amazing game. You can also join a game session in this app by swiping your finger across the screen. Enter in the session ID and password and you are in!

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