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With dangerous monsters on the loose, it's up to you and your friends to be brave enough to fight back. The world needs all of our help now more than ever before!

The super-ninja is finally here! He can transform into a powerful warrior and block the fierce attack of monsters with his bamboo staff. But there are more than just one or two enemies in this game, so you'll have to be on your toes if won't survive for very long.

You will have to survive the following challenges in this Survival Tower Defense game:

  • By using the power of ninjutsu, you can turn an ordinary situation into an extraordinary one. Try combining different techniques to achieve results that would otherwise be impossible for just any other means!
  • The Ninja Way is a rich, interactive system that will have your adrenaline pumping and your eyes lit up. With its multiple missions, you can train in different styles of fighting like stealth or mobility while also collecting weapons to use against enemies!
  • The enemies you face are more than just flesh-and-blood creatures, they're also powerful magical beings. They can cast spells that do serious damage to your character and each one is different in its ability set so it takes a strategy for us to take them down!
  • The new game from the creators of roguelike games is a fresh take on turn-based battles. You'll get random BUFFs in battle, and strategy will depend entirely upon how you choose to play!
  • These rice balls are so much fun to make and eat. They're perfect for when you want something that is light but filling at the same time!

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