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If you are a person with an interest in the racing game genre then do not miss the latest driving simulation game with advanced 3D graphics with evolving gameplay. It’s PETROLHEAD MOD APK. This exciting version is sure to satisfy and delighted car enthusiasts. Let’s learn more about this interesting game in the article below!

Overview of PETROLHEAD: Traffic Quests APK

Attractive gameplay

If you think that this PETROLHEAD: Traffic Quests APK game has easy gameplay like new generation racing games like Asphalt 9 then you are wrong. All features and controls in the gameplay of PETROLHEAD are well developed and detailed by Lethe Studios.

PETROLHEAD Traffic Quests mod apk

You will learn how to control your car in a simulated virtual city. No opponents, no time pressure but you need to obey the traffic rules and drive your car to the parking lot safely. So, the game becomes more accessible to the players.

The control mechanism of the game is a very harmonious combination of automatic and manual. This gives players a completely new and exciting control experience. The space of the game will become more realistic when it is applied a lot of physical mechanics.

You will get a lot of entertainment while enjoying this game. Players will also experience other advanced control mechanisms, such as drift and nitro, and even other professional driving techniques.

petrolhead mod apk money

Feel the heat from the race of the fierce race

Because PETROLHEAD owns attractive gameplay along with advanced 3D graphics, players can feel the heat from every fierce race to the real level. The game offers you a variety of racing modes and many other exciting activities.

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In story mode, where players can fully unlock new features and opponents. Moreover, players also have the opportunity to perform side quests or participate in weekly event activities.

What’s more interesting is that players can also practice against the AI through custom racing modes. This is an opportunity for players to test new cars and earn extra income to be able to cover their careers and upgrade cars.

Although each racing mode has its unique features, all in all, they always bring players endless fun. It can be said that players can also participate in all the hottest races between real players through many other online players. This is interesting, isn’t it?

Huge collection of legendary cars

Each racing car will have a different shape, origin, and performance in the PETROLHEAD game. From their different variations, players can collect and enjoy a wide variety of racing cars.

Every time you pass certain progress or when you complete a race, you will receive a new car or achieve certain achievements thanks to a reward system. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to receive components to further upgrade your car.

petrolhead game mod apk

Each car has its characteristics such as speed, power, and even the number of customizable slots you can equip. You have to collect each part separately and upgrade them for each car because each car is made up of many different parts.

Not only do you upgrade the parts, but you can also customize their appearances such as changing colors, changing rims, spoilers, exhaust pipes, and more to make them stand out.

Open world with extraordinary 3D graphics

  • 360 Camera mode:
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This is one of the standout features of PETROLHEAD: Traffic Quests. You may have rarely seen this feature in any simulation game before.

For a more open perspective, while you’re driving, the game allows you to rotate the screen and use your two fingers to rotate the direction. Your vision will not be limited as you can look forward, back, left, and right.

This is considered a very important feature. It will help you a lot in your backing up. Instead of using a fixed camera like regular games, you can freely see the back.

  • Online mode

Choose your online mode right away if you are a free person and don’t like the rules. In this mode, you can freely drive and see the city through the glass window.

You will feel no more anxiety when you do the drifting techniques. That allows you to drive through red lights, causing accidents without fear of being fined.

petrolhead mod apk download

Enjoy the bustling race with friends

If you feel lonely playing alone then create a room to play with your friends or any online player.

PETROLHEAD will introduce online multiplayer, where players can participate in bustling races with friends or strangers. You can use the multiplayer mode to have the opportunity to participate in various racing locations in the city.

petrolhead traffic quest mod apk

Not only are there exciting experiences, but you also have the opportunity to find new rewards, fame, and even new achievements.

This multiplayer mode is always loved by everyone and it will also be updated with more new things like new game modes, events, activities, and maps for players to enjoy with friends in the future.

What is the MOD feature of PETROLHEAD: Traffic Quests APK?

  • Unlimited number of times to play

In the version of PETROLHEAD: Traffic Quests, you are usually limited by the fueling feature for each vehicle. That means your number of cars equals the number of plays.

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Every time you run out of fuel, you have to buy a fuel pack or you need to wait 10 minutes for the next one. Most users are not comfortable with this feature because it often puts pressure on them.

The MOD version understands your fear of failure. You will experience an unlimited number of plays without any worries or pressure.

  • Unlimited Money

Unlock and upgrade your car with this unlimited money. To have the money you have to use gold and exchange it.

To get a lot of gold you need to play any Career level. Then consider Skipping the level and going back to the Main Menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about the PETROLHEAD MOD APK?

  • The PETROLHEAD provides players with a high-quality graphics system and driving experience that you are looking for in the game genre of its kind. Players can also test their speeding and drifting skills on the asphalt. Use your power and push your limits to move forward and become a master driver! You are ready to complete the missions for the chance to own the best cars and challenge the drivers around the world!

Does the PETROLHEAD APK have the same gameplay as Asphalt 9?

  • If you think that this PETROLHEAD: Traffic Quests APK game has easy gameplay like new generation racing games like Asphalt 9 then you are wrong. All features and controls in the gameplay of PETROLHEAD are well developed and detailed by Lethe Studios.

PETROLHEAD MOD APK is a premium simulation version that makes it easy for you to take advantage of your driving and controlling abilities. Please experience this best version with your friends. You will be very surprised at this best version.



  • Unlimited money: Click on the arrow on the right side of the screen in the main menu/Gift section/Click on any button.
  • Unlimited gold: Go to any career level/Pause/Skip Level.

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