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It's always been a risk that humanity will be wiped out due to the many plagues today. The current pandemic is just one reminder of how we shouldn't mess with nature. But if you're curious to see and play how an illness spreads, Plague Inc MOD APK would be a good choice for you today. Plague Inc is a realistic simulation game where you can infect the world with various diseases like plague, rabies, or even Ebola! If you think it'll be easy though...think again!

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About Plague Inc

Plague Inc is an engaging simulation game that challenges you to plan and execute a pandemic. Plague Inc MOD APK encourages the player to think critically about how they will spread their disease, while considering different options for infection based on your country of origin. It's important not only have good strategy but also be able to adapt it in response if any situation changes.

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  In a world where epidemics are becoming more prevalent, humans need to find ways to protect themselves. You play as the Plague Inc., and you have the power of control over this deadly pathogen that is trying infect all human life on Earth. If you want your campaign extinguished before it pushes into modern medicine, then go ahead and be aggressive in what it does not destroy- but if things get really bad for humanity, there will always exist methods of protection from epidemic diseases so long as people know how they work or at least try them out!

How to Play Plague Inc APK

The game is easy and manageable. You can use the virtual keys or your touch screen in order for you to play. There are also a variety of scenarios that players can go through, so feel free to choose one if it suits you best! To infect humans from different places, just make sure that these places have been infected by the plague. Plague Inc APK is a game that you should not miss!

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Create a Pandemic

Create a pandemic and decide how it starts. You can go with the traditional methods of viral infection or choose something more aggressive like biological warfare to infect the population quicker. Once you have chosen your method, head over to “Mutations” in order for Plague Inc to evolve so that they are resistant against modern medicine used by humans.

12 Disease Types

In this game, you’re free to deploy 12 different types of diseases that are each unique and have their own level of difficulty. Each disease can be mutated or evolved even further with a number on the screen showing how many people were infected by it in real time! You also get to see which countries currently contain these viruses as well as what they affect such as infectivity rate, severity, and lethality. Here, you can select a unique type of plague such as bacteria, virus, fungus parasite and prion. They are all different and it's hard to stop them from spreading out of control.

50 Countries to Infect

This game will have you reaching out to more than 50 countries in the world! Pick one of many colonies and infect them today, like Libya or Canada. You can even speed up the process if you're feeling impatient! Keep an eye on how quickly your virus spreads across borders with this interactive map that updates in real time while also showing past data points as well so that it's easy for anyone playing to see exactly where their infection has been successful.


There are tons of ways to evolve your disease so that it can survive and spread. You will have access to all the newest technologies including satellites, nuclear power plants, genetically mutated bugs you can make airborne or not!

Save the World

You too can be a hero and save the world from impending doom. This expansion pack lets you contain deadly plagues before they spread, shut down airports to prevent any further contamination, or use military intervention if that doesn't work out.

Frequent updates

The game is constantly updated and has been just for a year now. Plague Inc MOD APK will give you access to exclusive content with the upgrades in the gameplay such as making zombie viruses join your cause, or getting rid of pesky humans before they build up their defenses.

Final words

Plague Inc is the most popular game in history, and for good reason! If you haven't played it yet then what are you waiting for? Download Plague Inc Premium now to experience a different simulation than anything else out there--exterminating humans with every available disease at your disposal. You'll learn more about infectious diseases along the way too, so that's cool I guess if that sort of thing interests people outside of gaming culture.

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