Polygon Fantasy Mod Apk (Free Rewards)


Role Playing

Polygon Fantasy Mod Apk is an RPG where you will have monsters or complex challenges. Fight hard with skills and combos in rich skirmishes. Download Now!

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Polygon Fantasy Mod Apk (Free Rewards)


Role Playing

Polygon Fantasy Mod Apk is an RPG where you will have monsters or complex challenges. Fight hard with skills and combos in rich skirmishes. Download Now!

Alda Games
5.0 and up
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You are a hero that has been summoned to Polygon Fantasy. There is an evil force that threatens the land and it falls on your shoulders to save Polygon Fantasy from this threat. Polygon Fantasy Mod Apk allows you to become stronger by fighting, learning new skills, and acquiring new gear so you can prepare for future fights. The game features complex challenges with monsters!

About Polygon Fantasy Mod Apk

Hexagon Fantasy is an RPG. This fantasy realm is in great danger. The prosperity of the flourishing areas is under attack by hordes of monsters summoned by an evil king from across the seas. It's now up to you, the hero, to show what you've got and destroy it. Eliminate dangerous foes with force and precision. Choose a character class that suits your style, such as a rogue who prioritizes stealth, a sorcerer with powerful magic, or a big guy who can handle himself well in battle.

If you want to get your hands on more drops, use them while battling. Collect useful items like weapons and armor from combining crystals to advance and improve, becoming stronger with each new battle. Search for heavenly things in a huge world and enter the gloomy catacombs of caves, abandoned fortresses, and other places where you may encounter frightening creatures. Select between several characters or play all at once by tapping one button. Attempt to finish a single-player scenario where foes are concealed around every bend.

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Simple gameplay

The idea for Polygon Fantasy came about after the developers noticed that many people were irritated by having to tap on the screen all the time. All controls are controlled by a special joystick in this game, which is good because users do not have to click on various areas of the map to get the hero moving in the correct direction. All assaults and abilities are linked to the joystick, further increasing control stability and convenience for players. MOBA games interceptions are well-known in this contemporary design style. It's especially useful for Android devices.

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Many heroes for you to choose

The first step is to design your character. Choose from a variety of heroes, including a mage, a shooter, and a warrior. After choosing the sort of your protagonist, you may go on an amazing tour through the game's mystical world. The player's responsibility will be to defend his territory from rivals and monsters attacks. Powerful bosses with special abilities will also appear in addition to everyday creatures that are tough to handle.

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In addition to your hero, his allies may participate in Polygon Fantasy's journey. The usual number of allies is two people, although there are exceptions. Each additional hero may gain experience points and improve their skills, speeding up the main character's progress. There is no need to train the secondary characters deliberately since they will naturally increase their knowledge and power alongside the main character. Your party members can be either normal troops or dread dragons, with both types being possible.

Hero upgrade

Each of the Polygon Fantasy heroes has their own set of abilities and qualities. During pumping, you may develop three additional skills for the character:

  • Damage: This is the amount of harm dealt to an opposing unit by a player's attack. Damage here is measured in terms of how much damage is done in a single second of gameplay time. You will be able to deal significant damage to your opponent in a short period if you have built up this skill.
  • Regeneration: It is a function of your character's energy to restore lost health. The more upgrade points this talent has, the faster your character's health bar will refill with damage.
  • Persistence: The same rules apply to the damage indicator as well. The amount of injury that your fighter may inflict is not displayed, but rather how much he can endure and withstand. This skill is ideal for fights with bosses or strong opponents because it allows you to resist more damage. You can take more damage based on your score.
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Use all resources

It's not just about money in this game; it's also about resources. The items in the game have a lot of value for use or recycling, depending on the player's intended purpose. In other words, there are multiple methods for them to make money or more cash to buy new things or utilize in crafting, upgrading, and so on. The best part is the comprehensive weapon creation system, which ensures that no matter how much crafting materials there are, they will never be enough to satiate gamers' greed. The gameplay of Polygon Fantasy is comparable to that of Diablo, but it has greater depth and content. Above all, its user interface is simple and adaptable for the mobile platform to unleash players' hidden potential for coordinated movement and abilities.

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Graphics and sound

Polygon Fantasy has a cartoon-style visual design. The smooth movements are also worth noting. Sound and music quality in the program is excellent. However, it is a disappointment that there is no voice acting for the characters.

Download Polygon Fantasy Mod Apk

In this thrilling virtual reality game, you'll be able to immerse yourself into the world of the fiercest conflict with dark forces and take part in it. Choose a character from the roster to begin your adventure. As a powerful warrior, magician, quick robber, or any other character, play as you want. Take complete control of the procedure and try to become the greatest martial artist possible. Download now Polygon Fantasy Mod Apk!!!

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