Project War Mobile Mod Apk (Dumb Zombies)


Project War Mobile Mod Apk is very cool third person shooting game. The shooter has an apocalyptic setting, when all humanity is facing a zombie epidemic.
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Goblin Gamer Company
May 28, 2021
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If you are an enthusiast of entertaining action games, you must have enjoyed a lot of zombie-themed games. You will find that each game will have its own features and attractions to experience. Project War Mobile Mod Apk will also have its impressions with improved graphics and gameplay. The game will take you to real conflicts with intense gun battles against zombies. Download the latest version of the game on our website to complete the missions of the soldiers.

Introducing to Project War Mobile Mod Apk

What is Project War Mobile?

Project War Mobile Mod Apk is a very stunning online shooting game that is published by Goblin Gamer Company. The game has features that allow you to fight in a PvP as well as an interesting PvE option.

Project War Mobile Mod Apk is a very stunning online shooting game

You will take on the role of a secret unit fighter and station at a secure base away from prying eyes. You will learn about operations, gather stuff and important information, store weaponry, and recruit recruits for engaging leisure. You can upgrade your hero’s skills and buy suitable weapons to fight zombies.

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What is apecial in Project War Mobile Mod Apk?

In the game, you will be dead with a big number of Scum and a handful of giant bosses in difficult chapters. To fight against increasingly powerful zombies, you will need to upgrade your powerful weapons. Some items are from Google Store that you will need to buy with real money. But, with Project War Mobile Mod Apk from our website, you can play the game with various advanced features:

Mod features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock All Characters
  • Unlock All Guns (Weapons)
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Auto-update

Features of Project War Mobile

Interesting gameplay

To play the game, you will take gun, enter barren cities, and engage in combat with undead. They’re swarming and aggressive, but you’re armed to the teeth with modern weaponry and armor. You will need to have fighting abilities and clever strategies to survive in a zombie-infested city.

Fight against strong zombies

You will fight against the Scum in the game. It can think and utilize weapons in the same way that humans can. You must remember the many varieties of Scum in order to deal with them, as each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

The character can be moved by pressing the left-hand button on the screen. Fire, reload, run faster, swap weapons, use grenades, and use melee weapons are all buttons on the right side of the screen. You may alter the perspective by rotating the fire button.

Customizable characters

When you play Project War Mobile, you’ll take on the role of a Custom Kid fighter who joins forces with other players to combat zombies and save innocent people. You can choose your character from Yuri, Alisa, Sam, and Lara to begin the game. Among these characters, Yuri and Sam are two formidable warriors, while Alisa and Lara are two fierce fighters.

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Choose a character and customize your character

You can pick a character, a country, and join the war against zombies. In addition, you can easily customize your character by altering his or her hair, cap, clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

An abundance of guns and weapons to select from

In Project War Mobile, you can find many weapons you’re used to seeing in shooting games. You can choose from many different weapons such as rifles, shotguns, handguns, machine guns, and many more.

You can choose from many different weapons

If you want to have a high-damage weapon, you can choose the AK-47. If you prefer to engage your adversaries at close range, you can pick shotgun. You can also upgrade your weapons and armor to have more power and prepare for stronger zombies.

Modes in the game

The game has an online mode, so you can team up with your friends or other online players to join the battles with zombies. Compete against many other players and climb each rank in the global rankings to become a zombie master. In addition, the game also has a Deathmatch (4v4) mode, and more modes will be added in future releases.

Team up with your friends or other online players

Detailed animation and graphics

The graphics in the game will make you surprised and overwhelmed. This game has the latest Unity 3D graphics technology, which is optimized for the greatest performance and compatible with most smartphone devices, rendering the objects wonderfully realistic and vivid. When experiencing the game, you will feel like you have discovered the Hong Kong scene.

How to play Project War Mobile Mod Apk

Project War Mobile includes intriguing alternatives and simple controls for you to play the game. All you need to do is target the enemy and shoot them. You will find some difficult barriers and foes to overcome, but with the right methods, they can be defeated quickly.   You will need to cover yourself at the appropriate times and stay alert so that the enemy cannot harm you.

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You can explore realistic maps at various levels. There are several locations where zombies have struck, and you must investigate and destroy them as soon as possible. Each enemy you kill earns you points. You must also achieve specific objectives to advance to the next level. Compete against other online players in rated matches, and with your skills and strategies, you can reach the top.


Enjoy the new shooting game with a zombie theme in Project War Mobile Mod Apk. The game is fantastic in terms of aesthetics, playability, and weaponry. You will find many interesting things when playing with your friends and other online players. Fight against strong zombies and get yourself ranked in the first position.

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