PUBG MOBILE KR Apk + OBB v1.6.0 (Unlimited UC/Aimbot)

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Sep 15, 2021
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The Korean version of the popular PUBG MOBILE game is called PUBG MOBILE KR. You can play as a guest or log in using Facebook, Twitter, or Google as the worldwide game in this edition of the game. You must take part in a genuine war with 100 other gamers in a fictitious region where you must fight everyone to stay alive. This is the customized version of PUBG that we will be talking about. Let’s have a look at some of the game’s amazing features in PUBG MOBILE KR MOD APK!


To be saved and played on a smartphone, PUBG requires special storage. Although it is a more difficult game, all of its features are well worth the effort. What unique features does this game provide to its players? It offers fantastic gameplay, a wide variety of lethal weaponry that may be utilized in combat, and much more in this game. This is the customized version of PUBG that we will be talking about. A customized version is well-known for providing unlimited money, gold, and unlocked features.

To succeed, you must wander around the home collecting the greatest weapons while staying within the play area, which shrinks as the minute’s pass. All of the components from the original PUBG MOBILE version may be found in PUBG MOBILE KR.

PUBG MOBILE KR promo screen

The control scheme in the global game is identical to the original, as are the game’s items and objects with which you may interact. You can enter buildings, ride on carriages, use telescopes, carry first-aid kits, and climb walls, among other things.

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You may modify the look of the game depending on what your device can manage by adjusting the degrees of detail in the visuals in the settings. You may also personalize the controls whether you are walking or riding in a cart.

PUBG MOBILE KR is an excellent remake of the original PUBG MOBILE game. You may play alone or with others in a variety of game types. If you play in a group, you may use your phone’s microphone to communicate with your friends.

Fascinating New Features of PUBG Mobile KR APK

PUBG has recently gained a lot of traction among teenagers. This game was created and launched by Blue Hole, which is presently being developed by PUBG Corp, Bluehole’s subsidiary company.

We have provided the PUBG Mobile KR APK for your sport. It is available for free on our website. You will get limitless UC and battle points on your game accounts if you use our PUBG Mobile KR. You will also be able to use low levels of control and aimbot.

pubg mobile kr mod apk
Get limitless UC and battle points on your game accounts if you use our PUBG Mobile KR

FREE ON MOBILE – Unreal Engine 4 was used to create this game. On-the-go gaming systems are fantastic. Provides 3D audio and high-definition pictures. Voice dialogue, teaching manners, and controllers may all be customized. Experiment with the controller weapon’s cellular and ballistic characteristics.

MASSIVE BATTLE MAPS – From Erangel to Miramar, Vikendi to Sanhok, compete for these massive and detailed battlegrounds ranging in size, terrain, day/night cycles, and dynamic weather from urban city distances to frozen tundra, to dense jungles. Learn each battleground’s secrets to develop your own Tactical Strategy to win.

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DEPTH AND VARIETY – The Zombie modes, as well as the Sport the style and 4v4 Team Deathmatch modes, offer depth and variety to the game. There’s a little bit for everyone! Everyone will find something to their liking. Perform solo, duo, and squad performances. Fire your weapon as much as you like! When aid is needed, respond to the duty and execute a Clan or military call! Find pieces and your bike to train towards the final circle!

ALWAYS DEVELOPING — new challenges and events, as well as upgrades with new gameplay features and styles, keep PUBG MOBILE KR evolving and growing. Our serious and effective anti-cheating mechanisms provide an unbiased and gaming environment in which everyone follows the rules.

download pubg mobile kr apk
Keep PUBG MOBILE KR evolving and growing

Some highlights of PUBG MOBILE KR MOD APK

People like this game because of the following great features:

  • System of internal control

The biggest benefit of this Mod version is that you may kill any adversary who is facing the wall while remaining undetected. You can acquire a higher rash rank and a better K/D, and you might be among the top 100 players in your region. If you want to improve your gaming position, use this app right now. Kill all of your foes quickly to get more points to purchase combat gear.

  • Aimbot

This application’s most powerful and wonderful feature. Let’s look at what the PUBG Mobile Mod APK aimbot is all about. The opponent can be killed with a headshot. Discover how to use the strong aimbot capabilities to eliminate your opponent on the battlefield. All of these elements provide you the opportunity to develop into a professional player. Simply download the PUBG Mobile KR Mod APK and make use of all of these features.

  • Unlimited UC
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Unlimited UC means you can have as much fun as you want. If you have unlimited UC, you may purchase anything you desire, including guns, skins, weapons, and motorcycles. As we all know, purchasing a high pass is not simple. That’s how it works, and now we will show you how to use it.

  • Anti-Ban

The best part about this function is that no one can steal your accounts after you have reported your competitors. You can apply numerous Mod features if the original program is not updated. If you utilize all Mod features after the original application’s upgrade, your account may be disabled for years.

  • No Recoil

Because firearms have a lot of recoils, it is tough to kill the adversary while playing the game. As a result, we provide these characteristics so that you may easily destroy the adversary. PUBG MOBILE KR Mod APK defines it as a helpful feature.

  • No Root

Most APK requires rooting your phone, which has many drawbacks. Your phone may hang up or shut down. However, in this application, you will not be required to root your phone. So, if you want to play securely, take advantage of this function.


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