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Who doesn't love a good old boxing game? The new Punch Hero Mod Apk is an awesome version of the classic, free to download and play on Android or iOS. Who doesn't love a good old boxing game? The new Punch Hero Mod Apk is an awesome version of the classic, free to download and play on Android or iOS. series, this fighting game offers some of the most fun gameplay I’ve found on mobile devices to date. As in all good boxing games, you can enjoy powerful punches that will send your opponents into screaming fits or wave after wave of bone-breaking blows as well!

Introducing Punch Hero

This is a game where you punch out various monsters and bosses that are all trying to take down the Hero. The more punches you get in, the stronger your hero gets until they eventually turn into one of those same baddies with their own army! Everyone who plays Punch Hero can join up for whatever side they want; there's no wrong answer when it comes to choosing which team will win this epic battle between good vs evil.


Discover the characteristics of Punch Hero

Punch Hero is a classic arcade game for those who enjoy old-school gaming. The objective of the game is to successfully punch all opponents in order before they knock you out. There are several levels with increasing difficulty, and it's easy enough on level one but by level eight your fingers will be worn from punching away!

Realistic graphics

Never judge a book by its cover. Punch Hero may look low-tech at first glance, but this game is really fun and addictive! You will be surprised when you see all the different boxers in this 3D fighting simulation game. The game is a fast-paced and engaging simulation of what it's like to be in the ring, with all kinds of brutal punches. Not only will you see your opponent get hit hard but his or her face might start bleeding from those hits! The sound effects are also quite simple; there is just some audience screaming mixed into the background noise as well as an exciting soundtrack at the end.


Choose and train your own boxer

Punch Hero is an online game that lets you create your own character. You can make him or her look however you want, and the best part? If Santa Claus has a beard in this virtual world with no guns, who cares if he gets punched out by Batman wearing shorts on Christmas Eve!? If you are a shopping lover but don’t have much gold, then Punch Hero MOD can help. With the mod version of this game, you'll be able to shop for anything with unlimited money provided by in-game purchases without needing to meet any level requirements first!

Explore game modes

Your mission in Arcade mode is to face 18 other boxers. After every victory, you can move on to the next challenge. Your opponents are very interesting; they might be a boxer, pirate robot, or even an anguished soul! Regardless of who your opponent may be, everyone has weaknesses and strengths that need identifying to knock out them at their weakest points.


You’ll need to fight with all your might to protect yourself and knock out the opponent in this game. Become a brutal fighter by swiping left or right, up for an undercut punch, down on tab screen if you want one of those devastating hooks punched into their face- it's not easy though! As soon as they go low enough so that the referee counts 10 seconds while touching repeatedly IRL (in real life), then you lose.

Invest in your boxers

This game is not just about skill and reflexes. After I've played some levels, mean boxing opponents with a lot of strength showed up. At that time the difference in stats was plainly visible; even if you're bad at this game your odds are still low because they have more HP than me! This was when I thought upgrading my skills would be best for me to win these battles easier.


Join Zombie mode

Punch Hero is not just about the 18 strongest boxers. You can also work on your agility and bravery by battling hundreds of zombies in Zombie mode, where you have an unlimited supply of moves at your disposal to slay these bloodthirsty creatures! How long do you think YOU could survive this onslaught?


In Punch Hero, you can play through a series of levels to become the ultimate fighter. The game does have some drawbacks such as playing against AI which may make players feel bored because they are unable to interact with other people in real-time and it's difficult getting enough resources for upgrades sometimes. However, this is an exciting fighting experience that has many challenges waiting eagerly at every corner!

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