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Are you prepared to participate in a short game series with a survival challenge? a series of fast, easy games. There will be hundreds of players as round one begins, but some will drop out as the game progresses. The accumulated prize in a savings piggy bank will grow after one round. To overcome obstacles and eventually claim the full reward, you must battle others. Sound interesting? Keep reading on for some more detailed information.

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Introduce about Quick Game – 456 Survival

Squid Game is a Korean drama that is taking the top 1 trending spot, setting a new record on global Netflix. The film is inspired by Korean children's games but turns into deadly adult survival challenges.

You play as the Player 456 in Quick Game 456: Survival, the character who ultimately prevailed in the film, and take on challenges based on survival from the film. Become the participant who challenges other players for valuable prizes. Perform thrilling tasks like cutting out geometric patterns from sugar dough, running a set distance while being watched by an animatronic doll, walking across a glass bridge made of safe tempered glass panels, and tug-of-war maneuvers to outwit your opponents.

Have a look at all these features that make it an interesting game to play!

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Amazing Action Gameplay

456 Survival offers a ton of mini-games with several activities as a survival game. The user will have to participate in games like the tug of war, Dalgona Candy, Green Light gameplay from the Squid Game series, and Red Light - Blue Light, which is comparable to Red Light.

Each of these games features unique but enjoyable activities. In this game, completing each level gives players a unique sense of joy. To conquer every level and earn unlimited money, you must, however, be focused. Encourage your brain to search for and quickly come up with solutions for numerous in-game obstacles. The only way to really appreciate this game is in this manner!

Many challenging levels

This game has a ton of amazing levels. As was already mentioned, each game level has unique actions. On one stage, for instance, you'll need to cut open sweets into specific shapes. It's critical to maintain composure and focus during each task because if you make a mistake, your adversary won't think twice about shooting you down.

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Simple Controls

The 456 Survival is a game that players can play using straightforward tap-to-play controls. In addition, players can hold and drag controllers in tug-of-wars and click to break objects. Play the game right away with its straightforward controls! You can advance a little bit toward the ultimate prize by completing challenges as you slide your finger around the screen.

Minimalistic 3D Graphics and Design

The 3D graphics used in 465 Survival Game are straightforward but exciting, making it easy for you to understand each game level's components.

Why download the Quick Game – 456 Survival MOD APK from TechToDown?

Quick Game – 456 Survival MOD APK is a modified version in which you access to several extra features for an advantage over other players. For instance, you can make a limitless amount of money for each game level that you win. To increase your infinite money, you can also watch numerous in-game advertisement movies. Utilize the infinite money function to open up different game features!

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MOD features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • No ads


It's time for you guys to grab your Android device and download TechToDown's Quick Game - 456 Survival MOD APK. Join the over 1 million players that are enjoying this fantastic game from around the world. Win prizes by competing at every game level and passing every test. There are four unique games waiting for you. Use all of your abilities to defeat them and prevail!

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