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If you love football and want to play a game that is realistic, then this is the app for you. This app lets you build your team, recruit players and even compete in the world arena. The best part about it? It's free! If you're looking for an original football experience on Android, then look no further than Real Football Mod Apk!

About Real Football Mod Apk

Real Football is a fantastic game for any football manager looking to get his or her team off to a strong start. Real Football has a typical goal of building a dream team, training it, organizing a squad, and employing an appropriate strategy in order to lead star players to touch the stars. You must also focus on the growth of backup facilities, purchasing and selling star players, enhancing abilities, competing in the world arena against others, and more as part of the task of finding and training troops. another objective that would merit you being called No. 1 football coach.

Real Football is a football game with excellent graphics and play. You'll take on missions, tournaments, cup competitions, and face tough clubs in order to complete your coach's objectives. It's quite simple to acquire a powerful player if you just rely on luck in the daily lottery. Players that are well-known and extremely rare will be yours if you win. Of course, if you have money or gold, you can purchase any player. Work hard to log into Real Football games every day to get rewards, complete missions, and tournaments in order to become a successful coach with many stars in your hands.


Matches in Real Football Mod Apk are based on real football game regulations. While participating in the game, you must obey the international rules of football. You have the choice of playing the game online against other players or offline against a computer. Before the start of play, you may choose your players and their positions. The 90-second match will feature two 45-second halves. A kickoff is used to begin each match.

In the game, show off your greatest football talents. As much as possible, pass the ball to your partner by passing it to your opponent. The referee may also issue a red card if you deliberately strike or knock down an opposing player. If you break any rules in the game and receive a free kick for it, the other team can get points, so avoid it if at all possible. If you win the game, you will earn points that can boost your ranking.


  • The game takes place in a realistic football management system: 3D stadiums, smooth shading methods, accurate visuals, and vibrant fans provide for an unrivaled sports ambiance.
  • The game employs a variety of camera angles to capture goals, slow down the action, and show the events from several perspectives.
  • Upgraded AI will make players more clever, resulting in more realistic games.
  • Purchase and trade superior players in a prize draw to create your ideal team.
  • By equipping more abilities, you may improve the player's skills.
  • Invest in real estate, commercial centers, and industrial parks...Renovate schools, hospitals, research centers, and entertainment clubs.
  • In the Real Football, you may compete against other players in a PvP encounter. On the General Leader Board, everyone will be vying for a position.

FAQ about Real Football Mod Apk

Is there any fee to download Real Football Mod APK?

No, you don't need to worry. Your favorite game is available to you absolutely free.

Can I also play this game on PC?

Of course you can, However, to do so you will need to install Android Player on your PC.

What are the system requirements for this game?

This game requires Android 4.0.3 or higher to play, so it can only be played without interruption if your device supports it.

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