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Are you disappointed with your smartphone’s default file manager and searching for an alternative that makes your file exploring simple? If yes, then you would love this Root Explorer MOD APK. But before diving into the premium features of Root Explorer MOD APK, let’s walk through some basic information about the original version of Root Explorer.

What is Root Explorer?

Root Explorer MOD APK

You might have already known that rooting gives deep access to your device! Yes, it's right. But if you don't have a nice explorer or file manager to explore your device's data, then it will be very much hectic to have full access to your set. There are still some hidden files after rooting. That is the reason why you should make good use of a reliable app like Root Explorer. In simple words, Root Explorer is a type of file manager available for Android devices. With this app, you can explore all hidden files on your phone. But this app is not free, meaning that you have to purchase it with a little fee from Google Play Store. That is where Root Explorer MOD APK comes into play. It is the modified version that allows you to enjoy all convenience Rood Explorer provides at no cost.

What’s special in Root Explorer MOD APK?

Root Explorer MOD APK is the ultimate most powerful, most functional, and useful file manager for rooted Android users. It allows you to access the whole of android’s file system including the most secured ones. Scroll through to explore some highlight features of this modified version which will amaze you.

Allow using multiple tabs

First and foremost, Root Explorer MOD APK allows users to explore different folders at the same time without disturbing the previous one. Just like the internet browsers, you can make use of the tabs in order to work on various folders at the same time. It also allows you to work on Google Drive and Dropbox to discover all the internet files stored in the cloud storage.

Excess to hidden content

Root Explorer MOD APK allows you to view all data that are hidden in Android for security purposes. Now, you can find all data of the apps and games that you have downloaded.

Send files to other users

This modified version also allows you to create new folders on the system and send files to multiple recipients at once using the same platform. With this premium feature, it is super convenient to use a Bluetooth wireless network or electronic mailbox. Additionally, this app features file protection during transferring, so you can use it without worrying about security problems.

High quality archiving and unpacking

Root Explorer MOD

Each device has a built-in file manager that allows you to open files: photos, videos, various files, and music. However, sometimes a more powerful file management service is required. Root Explorer MOD APK is the perfect choice for working with system files. Overall, Root Explorer MOD APK resembles a file hosting service, which greatly simplifies the process of unpacking or archiving. Users can unpack RAR, ZIP, GZIP, and TAR files with ease. Moreover, it is possible to make backup copies of important system files. Another handy feature is viewing and editing APK and XML files. That’s pretty convenient!

FAQs about Root Explorer MOD APK

Is this Root Explorer MOD APK safe to use?

It depends. You can delete system sounds or any other fundamental requirement of your Android device by accident. This can make your device fail to run correctly. So, we advise you NOT TO USE ANY FEATURE that you don’t know about. And do remember to do a quick Google search on the name of the file you want to modify and you will know whether you should delete/modify or keep it untouched.

Will I get banned if the app or game developer finds that I am using Root Explorer MOD APK?

Ans. The app or game developer won’t know that you are using root explorer because it is designed in such a fashion. Moreover, there is no single evidence of our users getting banned from using this app.

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