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Scribble Rider Mod APK is an action game that promises to provide you with the most exciting experiences. The game features an appealing racing style combined with action features that will immerse you in an exciting race. Show off your professional racing skills right now!

Scribble Rider – Join in the Exciting Race

Your reasoning and logic skills play a crucial role in the race. The gameplay is basic, but the game received positive feedback from a wide range of audiences. The game has received over 50 million downloads on the Google Play app. Furthermore, the game has received over 26,000 nice ratings from players all around the world. The game is unique in that it allows you to compete in several car races. However, unlike other racing games. That is, you will be given a car and will only need to drive it around the track. Or even a dramatic competition with a large number of other players to win.

scribble rider apk

Scribble Rider provides you with a whole car. You will not be able to begin racing straight soon. Because there are no wheels to move the car. Your objective now is to draw a wheel for the figure in the area shown on the screen. The wheel will then be added in the same manner as the original shape you designed.

Make the proper wheel

You may control the character to participate in the race once the car has wheels that move. Your ultimate goal is to win and receive several great gifts. Scribble Rider, on the other hand, needs players to have exceptional talent as well as a high level of reasoning. As previously mentioned, the wheel will be added exactly as you designed it. So, in order for the car to be more stable and go faster, you must roll a very round wheel. Not to mention the racing environment is riddled with risks and dangers.

scribble rider apk mod

So, you do not just drive on a flat road. Instead, go beneath rivers that will be blocked by water. Or you could have to climb a pass, wade across a creek, or take steep, winding steps.

Crossing a variety of terrains

You may design the most stable and ideal wheels for any terrain using your imagination. To do so, gamers must gain experience and learn crucial lessons. Then, using what you have learned, you may design a wheel that is good for all races. Furthermore, throughout the race, participants can switch out their wheels. In Scribble Rider, you may construct the appropriate sort of wheel based on the current scenario.

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For example, on level, clear roadways. Then around the wheel is the finest option. Or the staircase, with its winding, hazardous slopes. Then an elliptical or hemispherical wheel should be used. Keep in mind that the larger the wheel, the more stable and steadier the car will be. You should rely on the system's empty box to draw the biggest wheels possible.

Discover one-of-a-kind outfits

Scribble Rider's latest edition offers 9 different outfit options, including hip hop-style boys and girls. If you want something more unique, you may dress as a schoolgirl, a robot, a skeleton, or a captain with a rough face. These clothes, of course, come at a cost. They range from 100 to 400 gold coins. If you wish to change the appearance of your racer, you may collect money on the route.

scribble rider apk android

Tips for playing Scribble Ride APK

In fact, there are several wheels that correspond to the parts that occur on the track. However, you must choose a wheel that performs well, advances quickly enough to overtake your opponent, and finishes in one of the top two positions. Then you will win. The game does not provide an overview of the road you are going to cross. You can use your opponent's initial wheel form to create a comparable design. Second, you may adjust the form of the wheel as it is moving. Round wheels are quite handy on level routes with little barriers. However, for roads with stairwells or vertical obstructions, a wheel in the shape of a straight line, semicircle, ellipse, or number eight should be used. They are effective both underwater and while climbing hills. Finally, let’s talk about size. They will travel quicker if the wheel is greater in size and circumference. Try to draw the biggest wheel possible with the drawing space provided by the game.

What makes us love Scribble Rider Mod APK?

Players will enjoy moments of relaxation and pleasure when they download the latest Mod version of the Scribble Rider game. Because you will have access to an endless number of coins. You may then unlock and add all of your favorite car models to your collection. Therefore, go shopping for one-of-a-kind costumes to make your character stand out.

Unlimited Coins

You have enough money to convert the owner of the entire store in Scribble Rider Mod APK right from the start of the game. There is not much to buy, but figuring out how to traverse the traffic patterns will be entertaining.

Unlock new car models and unique outfits

Scribble Rider Mod APK will first provide gamers with a motorcycle. That car is just the starting point for the game, which features six distinct car types for you to explore. By finishing the level, you will earn the amount proportional to your race achievement. After a certain amount of time has passed, you can opt to unlock additional models to try out.

scribble rider apk download for android

Each car model is designed differently and is one-of-a-kind. There are also cars in the shape of a dairy cow, as well as a chassis fashioned from a wooden body. Furthermore, the game has 9 distinct sorts of outfits. Exclusively for fashionable chicks, hip-hop artists, and active young men. Or unusual outfits such as robots or dried bones. They are not, however, free; instead, you must pay for them.

Bright graphics and lively sound effects

Scribble Rider Mod APK is visually appealing, with vivid colors. With a one-of-a-kind UI and a plethora of intriguing features for you to discover. When combined with the obstacles that arise on the course, you will be even more enthralled. Along with amusing sound effects and exciting background music.


Scribble Rider allows you to become acquainted with the road and a variety of unique terrains. It is the outcome of imagination and is not grounded in reality. The game quickly becomes popular due to its bright colors and enjoyable music. Download Scribble Rider MOD APK and attempt to cross the finish line first to collect a bunch of bonuses from the chest beneath the coronation position.

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