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The strategy game Sheltered MOD APK is published by Team 17 Digital Limited. In the game, you play as a character who is attempting to overcome all obstacles to keep your family alive in an underground concrete bunker. What do you do when your surroundings are completely black and everything has a cost?

Fascinating information about Sheltered APK

Sheltered started with a gloomy atmosphere, and the slogan Survive a Post-Apocalyptic World hinted at a period of discontent. Although it is set in a post-apocalyptic world, what we witness are the stories of "aftershock" survivors. You will be left with only your family, who is also the sole cause for your existence and protection. You will have to do everything you can to keep your loved ones alive in a deep underground concrete bunker. The beauty of Sheltered is that it is rich with subtleties, forcing the player to choose between logic and emotion, truth and morality. Each decision has ramifications for you and your entire family. As a result, you must think a bit harder with each step. Is it worth it? Should you go ahead, and do it? Because you now live for the sake of your loved ones as well as yourself.

Sheltered presentation screen

A sluggish start

The game had a sluggish start. Each character's cautious steps appear to be felt by you. When death is all around you, everything is true to human logic: you have a heavy and profoundly tragic mentality, and you believe your existence is as fragile as a thread. The longer you play, the more the peril and danger in each episode will become apparent. The thrill comes from the survival instinct and the frightening reality that you and your family are confronting, not from the smoky battles. The family in the game is made up of four people, each with its own set of skills and limitations. You may personalize each of the four characters one by one. From time to time, these personalities will have various requirements. To meet those criteria, you must go from East to West regularly. For example, Dad is weary and wants to sleep, Mom wants to read, a hungry young girl wants to eat, and a sleepy little boy needs to sleep. In the game, you will earn accomplishment points and build abilities for each family member by completing large and little challenges (doing this, mending that, discovering that...). At the same time, you will collect raw resources, weaponry, and food reserves in preparation for a survival struggle.

The thrill comes from the survival instinct and the frightening reality

Fight back against your foes

You not only respond to actual needs, but you also fight back against your foes. Just like you, terrible creatures and savage wanderers are trying to survive. Nothing scares player more than desperate people. Who would you pick to go up to the ground and fight the enemies in a household of only four members? You may select whomever you like, but make sure they are equipped with the best and most complete weaponry so they can battle and return safely. Violence seldom ends well, yet it is often the only option to stay alive. That is not all; you and your family will also face a variety of unexpected events in the world, such as unexplained illness, a leaky water tank in the bunker, and a sudden water shortage.

Battle and return safely with Sheltered

Construct defensive weapons

Another consideration is the requirement for self-defense firearms. You will have to construct defensive weapons based on available materials to battle against the attackers who appear out of nowhere and to find the resources mentioned above. However, be mindful that allocating resources to one item will result in a scarcity of resources for the other. Furthermore, you must continue to develop and extend the bunker with more floors, allowing other miserable people to live with you. You can imagine how busy you will be in this game with so many assignments.

Construct defensive weapons based on available materials

A survival procedure with many hurdles

A game is a survival procedure with many hurdles. The designs are given randomly by an AI system in each turn, both in the bunker and on the ground. Another example of the game's randomness: to live, you must learn to balance the resources that are awarded or concealed during the game. Do you believe it is too simple? Absolutely no! The major reason is that resources are scarce in this doomed world. You will always have to pay a price to get what you want. If you want to sleep, you will need to prepare a bed, which will take extra time and energy. Your stomach will feel hungry after sleeping. That is only a minor example. Sheltered introduces an increasing number of unexpected "cruel" situations. You recognize that there is no such thing as a flawless option; there can only be a choice that has fewer negative consequences for you and your family.

A game is a survival procedure with many hurdles

Excellent pixel visuals

Because the game uses pixel visuals, there is not much of a distinction between family members, thus you can only tell them apart by their clothing and height. In exchange, Sheltered's pixel visuals are taken to a new level when it comes to presenting a lot of information, from minute items to the character's actions. The music in the game is quite quiet, which is appropriate for your and your family's "basement existence." However, this sort of music provides an excellent backdrop for special effects to be noticeable throughout the play. For instance, the sound of water running into the sink, the sound of a hammer striking the ground, the sound of a footfall moving on the ground. These are the "divine spices" that add to the game's tension.

Sheltered's pixel visuals are taken to a new level

Sheltered MOD APK latest version for Android

MOD features

  • Unlimited Food/Water

You will have unlimited money to use when you use the Sheltered Mod APK version. The more money you will have more opportunities to experience the interesting things that in the previous version.


Overall, it is a really good game that you must play once in your life! Let’s download Sheltered MOD APK and play now! It is completely free. Do not forget to share this fun game with your friends and family so they can have the same experience as you!

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