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Slow-motion videos are just the latest crazes in the world of film. Slow-motion footage is attractive to the eyes and can be fully immersed by viewers. However, it’s not easy to create a stunning slow-motion video with any mobile device. You need decent hardware capability and an effective camera app, so not many of us have been able to create great slow-motion videos on our devices.


With this new Bizo Mobile app, Android users will find the ability to make the perfect videos. They can enjoy slow-motion effects or professional editing with just a few edits. The intuitive app has a camera for recording videos and a built-in editor. Read more about the Slow motion video FX app on our site.

Introducing Slow Motion Video FX

Have you ever wanted to do more with your slow-motion footage? Slow-motion video FX has an awesome new app that will let you play around with your videos and add all kinds of special effects. You can use this app to take high-quality videos with extreme slow-motion features. These features will allow you to catch the viewers’ attention and make your videos pop!

slow motion video fx fast & slow mo editor mod apk download

Slow-motion video is the latest rage in the world of film. Many people are taking advantage of their camera's built-in slow motion to capture videos of all sorts. With the Slow Motion Video FX app, you can easily and effectively capture slow-motion videos without any hassle. It offers dozens of useful features with which you can experiment. If you're looking for an interesting app for your phone, give Slow Motion Video FX a try. So what else can this app offer? For starters, the app comes with a video editor that you can use to turn your normal videos into intriguing slow-motion clips. With the V2ART editor app from Bizo Mobile, you can explore numerous video editing options. You can create slow-motion effects with the app, but also dozens of interesting visual experiences.

Explore the features of Slow Motion Video FX

Apps Simple and intuitive motion video

Have you always wanted to make slow-motion videos? Slow-motion video FX is a simple app that has intuitive features to let you easily create high-quality slow-motion videos. There are many interesting features to use, such as the ability to take regular videos and turn them into slow-motion footage with lots of visual effects. Give it a try today!

slow motion video fx fast & slow mo editor mod apk

Customize the speed to your liking

Slow-motion video FX offers a unique option that allows its users to change their video speeds. You can make videos super slow or speed them up to make hilarious time-lapse videos. This option makes the app stand out among any other like it.

Different editing process

And as you explore the app’s cool speed control features, you’ll also find Slow motion video FX immensely helpful in both creating your quick videos and making use of the advanced editing features that it offers. Slow-motion, time-lapse. The options are endless, you just need to know how to access the simple settings on your video editing software. With just a few clicks, you can have the perfect slow motion or time-lapse video.

slow motion video fx mod

Diverse and simple editing is accessible

You can also easily access the in-app interface for Android users. Android consumers will find plenty of intuitive and accessible editing features inside Slow motion video FX, such as trimming and cutting videos. In addition, the intuitive touch controls make it easy to work with all of the available features inside the UI.

Cool visual effects for you to take advantage of

In addition to the slow-motion and time-lapse effects, Slow motion video FX also offers many interesting videos that can be used in your editing. And with the editing tools available, you're able to add a special effect to your videos. We offer a wide variety of sounds and music effects for you to utilize. Alternatively, you can import audio files from your storage for an even more immersive experience.

slow motion video fx pro mod apk

More editing features with V2ART

If you’re in the mood to put some more awesome visual effects in your videos, connect to the V2ART app from Bizo. It offers professional video editing, and you can load up edited videos with cool effects back on the Slow motion video FX UI. Finish off the editing process.


We're glad to announce that Slow Motion FX is now available for Android! So, you can now complete your favorite video editing trio on your Android device. Along with FlipaClip (*Android only): Cartoon animation and Alight Motion Mod APK, you can enjoy this awesome video editing app and its in-depth slow-motion features.

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slow motion video fx fast slow mo editor mod apk download
slow motion video fx fast slow mo editor mod apk
slow motion video fx mod apk download
slow motion video fx mod
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