Sonic Cat MOD Apk 1.7.5 (Unlimited Money) Download for Android



Sonic Cat is a game involving music and a cat. Follow the rhythm with lovely graphics and an extensive music library for players.

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Sonic Cat MOD Apk 1.7.5 (Unlimited Money) Download for Android



Sonic Cat is a game involving music and a cat. Follow the rhythm with lovely graphics and an extensive music library for players.

5.0 and up
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Our team has found a niche that is perfect for us to start a new project and achieve great success. We're ready to share our knowledge with you, but we need your help as well because it's impossible for us to do everything on our own. We've been working hard on this app for the past two months and now we have something to show for it. Today we are happy to present you with Sonic Cat MOD Apk free download!
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What is Sonic Cat MOD Apk?

Sonic Cat MOD Apk is a fun game for your android device. It’s a puzzle game where you need to help the cat get to his favorite food! The game is designed in a way that becomes challenging as you advance. If you like puzzle games with cute graphics, this game is definitely for you.

When you start Sonic Cat MOD it gives you a few options such as:

In this game, you will be able to play as Pikachu, Lucario, Charizards, Orcs, Ninjas, or DK (Diddy Kong). You start by selecting one of your Pokemon. After that, you select the character you wish to play as. Random Pokemon can also be selected in this game. If you choose a character with good movement speed, you can avoid most of the enemy’s attacks. No movement speed at all, and the enemy first attacks you! The enemy Pokemon allows you to move up, down, and left and right. These directions are designated by buttons on your phone. A simple tap on the direction and you’ll be able to run in that direction. Swiping up or down in the direction also serves the same purpose. Finally, a well-timed tap on the direction, and you’re teleporting. In this way, a player can navigate the app wisely and kill anything that gets in their way. When playing complete restrictions apply. Want to play with a friend?” tap on a matching contact icon. You will then see a list of players that you are connected to. Tap on any of them and a menu will pop up like below. When still connected to a player, tap on the~icon. This will bring up a chat menu where a player can join you or send you a message. Below the chat menu is a list of other players, where you can tap on a player to join their game. If you decide to play with any of the players below, another option is to press their icon and a list of their games will appear below.
Sonic Cat - Massive Francy Songs

How does Sonic Cat MOD work?

Sonic Cat MOD emits ultrasonic waves that can be heard by cats, but not by humans. The waves are inaudible to humans, but cats can hear them at a frequency of 50 kHz to 60 kHz, which is about 10,000 times per second. The app emits these low-frequency sounds every four hours, for seven days in a row. And since there is no vibration involved, it may not be as effective as an earbud, but it is an interesting concept nonetheless.

Sonic Cat MOD Apk features:

The app continues to grow and evolve with features every day. By downloading the beta version of the app, you can test a lot of the features the app offers. You can also follow our development on Twitter. After downloading and signing up for the app, we can activate it. The sounds will split into two groups twice a day, for seven days in a row. The app will play one sound at a time, in the background depending on when you left your phone, so you can listen while running, working out, or checking your phone notifications. The sound is well-distributed in the atmosphere, so none will be heard more than others.
Sonic Cat - Easy to play
As you can imagine, sounds like those heard by dolphins or whales can be heard reasonably well on the Powerbeats, depending on the decibel levels and decibel intensity of the sound. The ultra-low frequencies tend to be useless for humans. You might see a magnitude difference, but 20 decibels doesn't sound like much. That said if the ultrasonic vibrations can help reduce the stress levels, even for your kitty friends, great! It’s not the first time somebody thought of going down that road. But until now, nobody has experimented on human beings. If it works out for your team, the next step would be to produce less powerful devices for humans. As long as the research is feeding the curiosity of the team and improving usability, we won't bemoan the low-power device.

Sonic Cat MOD review:

The Sonic Cat is a handheld and affordable ultrasonic pest repeller. The Sonic Cat is designed to use high-frequency sound to drive away pests including moles, rats, ants, spiders, cockroaches, and many more. There are no chemicals or poisons, only sound. The Sonic Cat can be used in many different ways. Sound and ultrasonic waves work together to provide an effective and convenient way to rid your property of smell, pests, and mice. When you fix the problems with Sonic Cat, bad odors will be sufficiently masked to let you keep your property in its desirable particular. Some cats will also use ultrasonic waves to find their unseen enemies. The iPhone version supports multiple languages and makes it very easy to share with your property management team members or anyone you need to communicate with. Back this project and we'll send you tips and creative ideas on how to use it.

What Can You Get with PRO Membership?

Our free app is pretty pathetic. It only sends out one ultrasonic pulse per second which shouldn't work that hard. That and it is slow and boring. There's a lot of information and tips on how to use this app and plenty of different ways to make the most out of it. However, we do want to add more features for more of our founding members.
  • $1,299 Sonic Cat Speaker Stand (with 5 Bonus Sonics)
  • $79 Coke Peppermint Sonics 150 Gram Set

International Shipping

We are now offering free international shipping via this kick-ass deal with this special PRO level. PRO-level gets you fast, free worldwide shipping, and 10 credits. The credits will be automatically applied at checkout. And finally, we want to add a word of thanks and recognition to our team. Conclusion: Free Download Sonic Cat MOD Apk for Android with the below link.

Download the full Mod version here

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