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You know that feeling when you're looking for something to entertain yourself, but all of the entertainment has run out? That's why we created our game - Sonic The Hedgehog MOD APK Classic! With over 100 million installs and counting, there are endless opportunities in this action-adventure title. Find out what makes people keep coming back again...and again by downloading today!


Introducing Sonic the Hedgehog

In the fast-paced racing game, Sonicdash's classic 2D graphics focus on a hedgehog's task of running at high speed through levels from springs and ramps to vertical ramps. Why settle for just one life when you can have an infinite number of them? Each level contains dangers lurking that if not careful will trap your soul in place forever! You can destroy these robots so they don't get any ideas about trapping our cute creature friend again but it makes no sense to complete their mission because there is always another one waiting right around the corner. Avoid all dangers to prevent a bad ending. What's the most important thing you need while exploring Minecraft worlds? Air! If your character falls into water, just breathe bubbles from a vent and get out safely. Spin Attack is Sonic’s main means of attack- he will curl around like a ball and then roll quickly at enemies or obstacles to deal damage while destroying them in one hit. You have other options too; jump onto land with momentum if possible so that it's easier for you not just to survive but overcome those obstacles as well.

Discover how to play Sonic the Hedgehog

Lose them all and it's game over in one fell swoop! Signposts act as checkpoints so be careful when running low on hearts- go back to your nearest authorized position for maximum effectiveness or suffer an untimely death at the hands of enemies lurking around every turn waiting for their chance against this blue blur with attitude.

Sonic Dash

If you love the Sonic series, then it is time for a new adventure. With each level allowing players to collect 100 rings and one extra life in case of danger; this game will surely take your breath away with all its action! The seven main areas are disconnected by different styles that include enemies as well as obstacles such as water barriers or laser grids.

Enjoy the fun in the game

Doctor Robotnik, the mean Doctor from another dimension who wanted to harness chaos emeralds for his evil schemes. He trapped animals in a trance and made them fight each other until only one remained! But this story has an end? You'll have your work cut out saving these poor little guys as you search through all six levels looking for those rare Chaos Emeralds- but don't worry because our heroes are on their way with help from Sonic The Hedgehog himself.

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There are three holy grails in the game: Master Emerald, Generation iii Sun Helper Gadget, and a Chaos Emerald. You’ll have to collect all of them if you want the final victory over Dr. Robotnik!

Enjoy Sonic the Hedgehog Exciting Features

One of the greatest games ever made, worth playing once in your lifetime. Choose from many different colors and styles of Sonic character grapes to find what fits you best! It's an amazing colorful 2D graphics style with funny sound effects that will make for some relaxing fun time when played on Facebook or iOS devices such as iPhones or iPads etc... Some of the most exciting features about Sonic The Hedgehog™ Classic are its controller support, new Time Attack mode so you can challenge yourself and especially with mobile optimization. This makes downloading for your device very smooth! Additionally, sound has been improved greatly in this version as well- it is tight but good on all platforms which is a win/win situation any gamer would appreciate.

sonic the hedgehog classic mod apk


The classic 2D side-scrolling platformer Sonic the Hedgehog™ is back and better than ever! With brand new 8 bit graphics, you can experience all of your favorite moments with this fast-paced game. Some missions will test any gamer's skills such as collecting gold rings or destroying enemies in certain ways; there could be obstacles along their way too but luckily these challenges have been planned just for us to get through them bored faster.

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sonic the hedgehog mods
sonic the hedgehog classic mod apk
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