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Racing games are having a raging success for justifiable reasons. For once these games afford you a chance to drive your dream cars on fantasy tracks. Second, these games let you customize their settings including levels, tracks, challenges and graphics. After all, what else will make you crazy other than steering your favorite cars on unimaginably surreal tracks? Nothing, right? In case you are looking for an adrenaline-boosting racing game, we have a suggestion for you: Speed Legends MOD APK.

Introducing to Speed Legends

Speed Legends can be your ultimate choice if you are finding the best drift racing game on mobile. With the most realistic car drifting physics, unlimited customization, addictive career progress, the game will surely bring you endless fun.

There are plenty of interesting things are waiting behind in Speed Legends such as:

Explore a huge open world

speed legends open world mod

No more barriers everywhere! In this game, you are allowed to drive everywhere, join the fantastic street challenges in the huge open world and drive your customized car to discover astonishing places. From construction to military base, all kind of tracks are waiting for you. So, if you have real driving & drifting skills and a brave desire to explore new worlds, you should check out Speed Legends.

Real driving, real talent

speed legends mod apk

Speed Legends is not just about racing. It combines realism and fun driving physics to create a great drifting, off-road, car driving simulator and an engineering game! With the advanced driving physic engine, you can drive around and show off your perfect drifting skills on the famous streets. The higher the speed and the more tricks performed, the more successful the passage. What about burning some rubber with your super-car? That is pretty cool.

Unlimited tuning and upgrade all cars

speed legends mod

Yes, you read it right. Speed Legends furnishes you everything to turn any normal car into a super-car. You can upgrade the acceleration, top speed and handling of your cars by installing better turbochargers, engines, transmission systems, gearboxes, and many more! Or you can pick up your favorite bumper, side skirt, rim, spoiler and many more to create your own racing style! You can even individually paint each part of your car with one color to show your unique imagination! The fun is here. Drive the car of your dream.

Challenge the streets

speed legends unlimited money

With Speed Legends, car racing and drifting seems to be funnier than it has been ever before! Here, you can take part in addictive street challenges to collect more cups and make some money! Earn as much money as possible to expand your car collection and customize your cars in the tuning shop!

Why you need Speed Legends MOD APK?

As we tell you in the above section, you need to participate in street challenges to earn money that you use to buy new cars and new customization. This may take extra time. So, if you want to speed up your progress in Speed Legends, we highly recommend you to download and enjoy Speed Legends MOD APK. This version is modified to provide players with UNLIMITED MONEY. With that said, you can enjoy the game to its fullest. Just driving and showing your drifting skills without having to earn money. With an impressive fleet of vehicles, interesting missions and impressive graphics, Speed Legends MOD APK promises to take the mobile racing car driving genre to a whole new level. So, what are you waiting for? Download the game and see for yourself.

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