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Stealth Master Mod Apk is a simulation game that requires ingenuity and strategy. You will transform into a dangerous blindfolded robber.
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August 29, 2021
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Stealth Master is a simulation game that demands creativity and a thorough understanding of tactics. It has had over 1 million installations on Google Play since its launch. Join the latest free version of Stealth Master Mod APK right now!

Stealth Master – Game Stealth Assassin

You will be turned into a deadly more blindfolder bandit with a round head as you join Stealth Master. He always looks back and forth to check if someone is following him, and he steals goods from places with high-security systems. This may be an undesirable action, but it only appears in action games.

SayGames has released an action game called Stealth Master. When you join the game, you will transform into a courageous ninja. You are a good ninja on the side of justice, and you use your well-honed abilities to complete perilous missions. Carry the assignment on your shoulders and infiltrate the base to eliminate the mafia group.

Stealth Master promo screen

The game’s characters, in particular, have ninja-like abilities. That helps gamers in having the most authentic experience possible. Aside from that, the game offers simple but engaging gameplay. Players may now play on iOS and Android mobile devices. The game has received over 10 million installations despite being available for free solely on the Google Play application. And received over 15,000 positive responses from all over the world.

Engaging gameplay

The control method in Stealth Master is pretty easy; all you have to do is move your hand over the screen to control your character. The security system in the building is quite strict. It is equipped with a large number of security cameras and is manned by a large number of guards. You will be arrested as long as you act strangely.

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Your character, on the other hand, wears a mask and uses a weapon against the security system and guards to break in and rob stuff. Pass the level by removing all of the cash from the building. You will have to face the Boss after finishing 10 levels. This man is tough to beat, and if you are not careful, you could perish here.

The control method in Stealth Master is pretty easy

Collect money

Money will emerge on the ground or after killing an adversary throughout the gameplay of Stealth Master. You should collect as much cash as possible to employ for a variety of objectives. After completing ten stages of gameplay, you will be forced to face a boss.

Use all of your newly acquired skills to destroy them and amass as much money as possible. After you have completed the previous level, the game’s difficulty will steadily rise. The soldiers will then be outfitted with more powerful weaponry and will be able to battle more effectively.

Another unique feature of Stealth Master is that the playing levels are no longer referred to as Lev but rather as contracts. You will get money, additional points, and stuff after completing each contract.

stealth master mod apk no ads

These are the three things:

  • Money: You will be rewarded according to the difficulty of each completed task. Money is spent on purchasing new weapons, equipment, and clothing.
  • Accumulated points: When killing large and tiny adversaries, this point is always accessible. The more huge or little bosses you kill, the more points you will get. You may update everything for yourself by earning points. You can unlock a new “appearance” to turn into a different heroic figure if you wish.
  • Gather keys: During various situations, a strange door will appear. As a result, do not overlook any keys along the route. They can take you to a variety of fascinating mysteries and riches.
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This contract may be linked to other contracts and contain a lot of decryption information for them, and vice versa. So, your job is not just to complete the tasks set for you; it is also to tie everything together to identify the game’s actual “boss.”

This boss is unpredictably dangerous and tough to defeat. To kill him, you will need all of your best talents and the most powerful weaponry.

Utilize all of your best talents and the most powerful weaponry

Powerful Weapons

Normally, ninjas would only fight with swords and darts. However, in Stealth Master, players can equip contemporary weaponry. Then you may utilize the cannon, which boosts the damage and allows you to rapidly eliminate the adversary.

This will be a significant benefit in making the work much easier to perform. When using a sword, for example, you can only hit adversaries at close range. However, utilizing firearms will do more damage and allow you to strike them from afar.

Defeat the tyrant

Furthermore, gamers will see how the adversary fights. Your opponents are initially only a few guards with laser rifles and a few rudimentary weapons. Your ultimate aim, though, is to eliminate the boss who stands behind you, and only then will the job be truly completed.

Because of the game’s complexity, you may become annoyed when playing Stealth Master at times. This, though, is what drew gamers to take part. You will also need to have a clever plan for going ahead and backward to succeed.

Have a clever plan for going ahead and backward to succeed

Stealth Master MOD APK features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Skin
  • No Ads

Players will enjoy the thrilling limitless money feature when they download the Mod version of the game Stealth Master Mod. Then you will be able to obtain a variety of strong weapons that will assist you in quickly dispatching the enemies. Aside from that, the game is enjoyable, allowing you to unwind while playing.

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Furthermore, the visuals in Stealth Master Mod are vibrant. Although the design is not as detailed as that of traditional 3D games. When you participate in the games, you will still get a genuine and interesting experience. It will make you even more enthusiastic when combined with the sound quality displayed through gunfire or while attacking the opponent.


Stealth Master introduces a game mode that offers a variety of Ninja experiences. Having esoteric abilities akin to those of the ancient Japanese. Assume heroic missions and ensure the destruction of wicked forces. To complete the collection, you must unlock weapons and equipment systems. To battle and eliminate all the evil guys the way you wish, download the Stealth Master Mod APK.


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