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It can’t be denied that Summertime Saga MOD APK is an amazing simulation game. The reason why it is so popular is that it gives you the freedom to do whatever you want or go anywhere within the storyline. You can play Summertime Saga on computers or mobiles which is so convenient. So today, we will talk about some tips and tricks for players and how to download the mod version on Android devices.

Summertime Saga Apk Mod - the most popular life simulation game

Knowledge about Summertime Saga Apk Mod

First of all,  Summertime Saga is not an ordinary mobile game. It is labelled 18+ because of its content and actions. If it’s not the first time you play a sim game, this game will be so familiar to you. The game is developed and updated regularly. With the latest modified version, more features have been added to the game helping you have a better experience.

The plot of Summertime Saga:

Like other visual novels, you will be in the shoes of the protagonist - a boy whose dad just died in a mysterious way. Because of that tragedy, you have been out of school for months and grieve for your loss. After that, you decide to come back to start again. Then you realize that you are failing every class in school. Unluckily, that’s not everything. You later find out the debt that your dad owed to some criminals has been transferred into you. They start to threaten you by calling all the time. You have to struggle to earn money for your house, the study and your debt. Besides, you will have a chance to enjoy romantic moments by finding someone for prom. I will not spoil everything, but these are just the beginning parts of the story that will lead you to your wildest adventures.

Some outstanding characters in Summertime Saga Apk Mod

As you have the latest version of Summertime Saga Mod Apk, there are at least 60 different characters you will meet. Obviously, I can show everyone here but I can introduce some of the first ones you will meet. You will meet at least 60 different characters through the storyline Frank: the main protagonist’s father a.k.a your father in the game. At the beginning, there are some introductory scenes about the main character attending his father’s funeral. Debbie: lessor or landlady of the house. She used to have a close relationship with Frank. After his death, she also receives some strange phone calls and she also is the one who takes you under her care. Jenny: she is the adoptive daughter of Debbie and is the very first character in the game. She likes to wear a skimpy shirt and purple panties. She also likes to get things in her way. Erik: he is your best friend who is addicted to playing video games. You can expect a lot of interaction with him at school and other parts of the game. Kevin: he is a fellow schoolmate who works at the cafeteria. He will help you out at the gym with weightlifting to help improve your stats, so don’t forget to talk to him!

Summertime Saga Apk Mod: Tips and Tricks

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran gamer, in this part, I will give you some interesting tips and tricks. Let’s see what they are: If you get stuck, just go to sleep. There is a time limit for each part of the game. After that limit, you can not do anything or go anywhere. If you can not understand what is going on or what to do, then try something else for a while and make sure to sleep. You should listen to the characters. Sometimes you can not find out what to do and don’t realise that the answers are hidden in the dialog. Just go back and talk to the characters again, they may give you a hint of where you should be looking or what you have to do.

Taking part in rap battles to raise your stats

You just go to sleep when you have to. The time in Summertime Saga is divided into 3 parts: morning, afternoon and evening. Each time will have a limit and some missions to complete. If you go to sleep unnecessarily, you can skip the whole day and waste a bunch of time. Even in the evening, you still can take part in rap battles or play games on the computer to raise your stats. Last but not least, you should raise your stats and make money. Don’t forget that you have to pay your debt and you need money for college. Sometimes you will need to buy gifts or items to make the story move forward. There are mini games to help you get more money.

How to download Summertime Saga Apk mod for Android?

After giving you some information about the game, here is the guide for downloading and installation. Summertime Saga Apk mod is not available on the Google Play Store, so you have to download it from its official website. There are 14 downloadable versions that are currently available and you can choose any of them. Before you start downloading, make sure you prepare at least 2GB of space in your phone memory for the download and installation.

Some basic information for downloading and installation.

Follow these steps to get Summertime Saga mod on your Android devices:

  • Commence download and wait until it’s completed.
  • Look for the APK file from your downloads folder.
  • Tap OK if prompted “This type of file can harm your device. Keep file anyway?”(Rest assured that the APK file is safe, and will be virus-free on all versions)
  • Select Install and wait until it’s finished.
  • Select and launch the app.

With the MOD version of Summertime Saga, you will have a good experience with this game. In the future, I hope they may release more and more interesting novels, reaching more and more people.

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