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What is Super Mario Run MOD APK?

Everyone will be familiar with the legend game “Super Mario” in which you will control the main character Mario to save the princess. And now, with Super Mario Run MOD apk, you will have the most perfect version of Super Mario on your Android phones. This modified version is one of the most interesting games developed by Nintendo. And this article, I will show you more information about this game and how to download it for Android.

Super Mario Run - an endless interesting adventures

Introduction of Super Mario Run APK

Super Mario Run is one of the most interesting games developed by Nintendo. It can be said that this game is the most perfect version of the legend “Super Mario” but for Android phones. Just like the original game, Super Mario Run mod recreates the adventure of Mario in the mushroom kingdom. Users have to control the main character overcoming difficult challenges to save the princess from evil monsters. Because Super Mario Run apk was developed based on Super Mario, the game has received great interest from the Mario fans. As it is available for Android phones in March 2017, there have been more than 100 million downloads.

What makes Super Mario Run apk so popular?

Outstanding features of Super Mario Run apk

Compared to the original app, Super Mario Run mod will bring you more attractive features which help you have a better experience. So now, I will highlight some features of Super Mario Run Apk. If you are considering downloading this game, these following features may help you make a decision.

With Super Mario Run apk mod, new characters will be unlocked
  • All unlocked: In this game, there will be many in-app purchases which take you a lot of money to enjoy all the benefits of the game. However, with Super Mario Run mod , you have everything unlocked and use them in unlimited time for free.
  • Unlocked all 6 worlds: This feature is one part of the above one. Because in the regular game, there is no other way than paying real money to unlock every world. So now, Super Mario Run mod is designed with all 6 worlds unlocked and you are free to try them all.
  • Unlimited coins and lives: two of the most important elements to help you win the game are coins and lives. You will need coins to buy things such as: buildings, decorative items, playable characters, premium appearances,... However, collecting coins is not easy. Therefore, Super Mario Run mod gives you unlimited coins to buy anything you want. Besides, in the regular game, you have a number of lives. If you die so many times, you will have to start over. That’s why Super Mario Run apk mod is created so that you can continue with the same point where you left.

Of course these above features are not everything this game has. Just try it and have your own thoughts.

Some reviews about Super Mario Run mod

If the features I mentioned above are not enough for you, let’s see some review about Super Mario Run apk mod features:

  • Super Mario Run mod has addictive gameplay: To the Mario fans, the gameplay will be so familiar because it is like the original one. The princess was kidnapped by evil monsters and you will meet the famous Mario again. Users will take part in the endless adventure of Mario in the mushroom kingdom. There are different challenges and monsters that you have to face. Besides, now you don’t need to use both hands to play this game because the control mechanism of the game has changed compared to other traditional Super Mario games.
Enjoy the game with different modes
  • Super Mario Run mod has many unique game modes: There are modes added into Super Mario Run mod to bring players new experience. With different settings, you can try all these modes such as: Remix 10, Tour and Toad Rally to make your adventure more interesting.
  • Super Mario Run mod has a beautiful graphic design: Super Mario Run gives players more modern graphics than many other games. This will touch the player’s eyes as soon as they start the game. Besides, the colours are bright and extremely outstanding, which is a big change from other classic Super Mario games. Moreover, beautiful effects are also added into characters’ actions.

How to download and install Super Mario Run apk for Android?

Super Mario Run is free to download. However, many people still choose to download this game with the APK file because Super Mario Run is not available in their country or Google Play. Follow these steps to have this game on your Android phones:

Remember to change the setting of your device
  • Uninstall the old version of the game.
  • You need to allow installation from unknown sources by going to the Phone settings Security – Turn on “Unknown Sources”.
  • Open the folder containing the APK file and click the APK file and click on it to start the installation process.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete and enjoy the game.

In conclusion, this article is an overview about Super Mario Run Mod Apk. Through its features and some reviews, you can consider trying this game. Anyway, it can be downloaded for free so why not try it?

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