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If you are looking for a new party game to play with your friends, try Super Sus Mod APK. This is a unique game where up to ten players can play as either the space crew or an impostor. The objective of this game is simple- find out who is the fake and eliminate them from the round. Along with that, there are also many other features in the app such as customizing your character and more!

About Super Sus - Impostor Game

There are so many exciting and distinctive games accessible right now that you can have fun with. If you enjoy playing games that allow you to interact with others, there are a lot of today.

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There are numerous games that allow you to have fun while playing with others. There are several multiplayer games available these days, but Super Sus is a one-of-a-kind party game to play. This is comparable to Among Us in many ways! In this game, each match has up to 10 players, with one or more random people being imposters. The crew members' duty is to complete activities as they have 20 distinct tasks to perform. There are three playable factions in the game, each with its own set of rules. You can pick which faction you want to join. There are various meetings in which players may debate who the impostor is!

Fun Party Game

There are several multiplayer games available today if you enjoy playing with others. Multiplayer gaming is extremely popular nowadays, with almost all mobile games allowing everyone to participate. There are so many entertaining video games accessible right now that let you socialize while still maintaining your own individuality.

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If you like these games, you may download several more titles today, such as Super Sus. This is a brand-new game that rivals Among Us! Despite the fact that it's similar to Among Us, it has distinct visuals that set it apart from the competition. The realistic graphics and multiple roles you can have in here add to its excitement! This is the ideal game for people looking to have a one-of-a-kind Among Us experience. In a match, you may play with nine other players and be assigned a role at random. Today, there are several entertaining games available, but this is one of a kind. You may play with your pals here! You can converse with others and even utilize your voice to express yourself.

Features of Super Sus

There are so many fascinating and appealing games today. But Super Sus takes multiplayer to new heights.

super sus who is the impostor apk

Exciting multiplayer

You may now play hundreds of online games that allow you to interact with actual individuals. These are referred to as multiplayer games, and they enable users to have pleasure no matter where they are. Multiplayer games are entertaining and thrilling since they provide you the opportunity to take part in an exciting scenario with distinct responsibilities and engaging gameplay. If you're bored of Among Us and want to try something new, download Super Sus immediately! This is comparable to Among Us, but it has a lot of fresh features. The most prominent distinction between Among Us and this game is the realistic 3D visuals. This game, unlike the original, appears to be more refined and enthralling. The game looks more high-tech, and it's one that even beginners can grasp. There are 20+ positions to choose from, each with its own set of abilities. You may also take on the part of the impostor who must eliminate crew members at random.

20+ Unique roles

There are several fascinating things you can do in this game if you enjoy working on a unique job. In this game, you may have fun selecting the finest role for you. You have a lot of skills. However, when it comes to the broad functions, there are just two options: crew and impostor. As a crew member, you must carry out duties to keep the ship afloat. The impostor, on the other hand, is in charge of removing all players who are not kicked off the ship!

Multiple modes

Today's game has a variety of options! The traditional mode allows you to play with random roles, as well as the Lite Mode, which features only space crews and impostors on board. There's also a game where you can play as a sheriff, jocker, and engineer in this one. Doctor and Spy mode are also available. As you can see, there are a lot of different modes and roles to choose from here! There are various trophy goals for each mode.

Voice chat

You may voice chat in the game, just as you could in the original. You may also express your views using the chat and other shortcut buttons.


Super Sus MOD APK is a great game that you will enjoy. It has many different features and modes to keep you entertained for hours on end. So, don't hesitate any longer! Download Super Sus Mod APK today and see what all the fuss is about!

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