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Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to meet new people and contact them. For Android users, you can try Tantan apk, which is an application for establishing conversations with people from all over the world. In this post, I will help you know more about this app and how to get it on your smartphones.

Meet new people with Tantan apk mod

Tantan apk for Android - meet people in the easiest way

What is Tantan apk?

First of all, Tantan is considered as a dating application for adults and this content is labelled 17+. Over 100 million interesting men and women are logged in to Tantan, chatting, making new friends, and finding their perfect match! Tantan apk is the modified version of the original app and it is developed with more outstanding features. This app works based on the match and swipe system that is similar to Tinder. Tantan apk mod allows 2 people to communicate when they like each other. An unique feature of this app is that you can find it as a way of entertainment.

What is Tantan apk used for?

Although Tantan apk mod sounds like Tinder, it still has some special features that make the app become more and more attractive to people all around the world.

Tantan apk is based on swipe and match system just like Tinder

But first, let’s take a look at how it works. As I mentioned above, Tantan apk is working based on a match and swipe system. You will need to create your own profile concluding some basic information such as: name, age and your location,... Then adding some of your favorite photos to your profile. After that you can start to explore the new world with this app. You can choose who you like by swipe right or left. If they like you back, then it's a match! After matching a new person, you guys can start to chat using text, icons, images or videos. Even if you don’t know what to say, the app provides 10 courtesy questions to get you started on the right track. Here are some of outstanding features of  Tantan mod:

  • Discover new friends: Obviously, this is the main goal of this application. You can view others’ interests, photos and wishes before you decide who deserves a like. There are over 100 millions users of both genders and they are always ready to make new friends.
  • An unique profile: anyone who wants to use the app will have to create an initial profile requiring an original photo.
Swipe right if you like that people, if not swipe left
  • No fear of weirdos: You don’t need to worry about receiving messages from random strangers. You will only chat with your favorites.
  • Privacy: Tantan will keep your information safe letting you choose to hide personal information from people you don’t like or vice versa.
  • Ice breaking options: Starting a conversation with a stranger sometimes is really difficult. To solve that problem, Tantan apk gives you an ice-breaker option including 10 interesting questions for your match to understand him or her better.

Of course here is not everything this app can provide us. Just try it and discover this dating app by yourself.

How to download Tantan apk mod on Android smartphones?

Just like other apk mod applications, Tantan can’t be found on Play Store, you need to download it from other sources. Before trying to install this modified version, remember to change your device’s setting.

Remember to change the setting of your device
  • Open
  • In Personal section, click Security, turn on “Allow downloading apps from unknown sources”
  • Download the latest version of Tantan mod .
  • Click OK if there is a notification of damage from the archive.
  • After downloading, scroll down to the notification screen and click on the Tantan Apk files.
  • Click on “Install” at the right bottom of the screen and Tantan will be installed on your devices.

Enjoy the app by choosing its icon on the main menu. So, just through some simple steps, you can install and enjoy Tantan Apk mod on your devices. In sum, I hope this post will give you enough information you need about Tantan apk app. Just download it on your smartphones and discover its amazing features on your own.

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