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You're sitting in the park one day when a little girl appears and does everything you ask, like calling you, master. Today Techtodown will introduce to you Teaching Feeling, an 18+ game for Android that meets all of those requests!

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The Origin of Teaching Feeling

After the doctor started Teaching Feeling, he noticed a man who looked very much like him. The man was carrying another girl and told the doctor that he had been rescued by him. The doctor's thoughts became flooded with questions about this man, who he was, and why he had come back to repay him.

One day, an old man who appeared before your house and led with another girl came to repay the debt of gratitude for saving his life by giving him this child's name Sylvie. The story begins here.

Style play

In Teaching Feeling, you'll be in charge of helping Sylvie recover from the trauma she suffered at the hands of her previous owners. This is a visual novel game; there are three options that you can choose: talking, rubbing her head, or touching her. When you make a choice, the game will continue to evolve in many different directions depending on what you decided.


It is clear that something isn't right with Sylvie when you talk to her. The trauma she has experienced in the past seems to have diminished her well-being. She has scars all over her body that she says were caused by chemical spills. If you want to help this girl, you will need to be a good master to her and show her that there is hope. Sylvie doesn’t understand what "Rub her head" means, but if you rub her head for a little while each day she'll feel like she is less insecure and will smile back. The first step to a terrible series of actions is the touch. A game that can't be accessed by anyone under 18 because of the dangers after this action. You're the master; it's all up to you.

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Take care of that girl

Spending time with Sylvie is your task in this interactive role-playing visual novel. You must also maintain your daily life. Work and earn money to cover your needs and Sylvie's. In addition, she came to your life more than a slave. She is like a soul mate, a light to your lonely life. It will be difficult at first for her to open up, but you can gradually earn her trust through kindness.

Human value of the game

The game of teaching feelings is a progressive and interactive story that will teach you compassion for others. In the eyes, we see Sylvie who came to this world with pain from birth but still finds ways to smile every day. Tolerance can help her overcome these obstacles and be able to live happily in life after overcoming them too!

Some tips you need to know

You just need to live with Sylvie for 15 days to overcome the difficult time. But many players only lasted 15 days with her because she suffered from an illness.

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Let's touch on the basics. You must never touch the "touch" button. Sylvie is already so fragile and needs care, so any signs of neglect are going to cause serious issues. Talk to her often and rub her head and be sympathetic. If you're interested, Sylvie will open herself up to you. She'll ask for help from her master and venture out. You'll see a bar in Sylvie's room, which will change as you get closer or farther away. If you want to keep her intimacy score up, you'll need to prioritize what she wants. You'll know she needs something when the bar starts to go down. Once you've made sure she's happy, you can focus on making medicine for her and she'll be able to make it through 15 tough days.

Human values

The game Sylvie's Feeling is an educational game about feminism and child protection laws. The character of Sylvie appears meek and timid, but she with bravery and understanding can overcome her pain to help her have a good life. The manufacturer of the game wants to convey the beautiful messages of human rights through her image.


Teaching Feeling is a new, attractive game. It has gameplay that is not new but still very attractive due to the mix of 2D and creepy colors. The game is also a visual novel - players can choose anything they want. If they manage to conquer the game, they should behave like a gentleman. But if they just come to satisfy themselves, they are free to do that too.

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