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Download The Rondo of Oblivion Mod APK (Free Premium Choices) lastest version for Android. Welcome to Moonwake Mansion, a place that will grant you all your best wishes.
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You will enjoy a game today in The Rondo Of Oblivion where you will meet many intriguing men. The Rondo Of Oblivion Mod APK is a romantic game with wonderful love stories.

What do you get from The Rondo of Oblivion?

Because they are repetitive and dull, these games can be irritating at times. Try playing The Rondo of Oblivion right now if you are searching for something different. Take a look at the differences in this Genius Inc. game.

In this epic romance game, you will be entangled in a series of thrilling events that will lead you to the enigmatic Moonwake Manor. This location will fulfill your deepest needs, and you will meet a variety of intriguing people.

There is Alistair, who does not say much but when he does, he is pompous. Then there is Lachlan, a distant character who does not want anything to do with you. Finally, there is Ezra, a jovial guy who is a touch resentful of you.

The Rondo Of Oblivion Mod APK
Try playing The Rondo of Oblivion right now

Riveting plot

Moonwake Manor is a place where you and many others have been transported. This is a virtual environment, not a real place on the planet. In The Rondo Of Oblivion MOD APK, everyone’s innermost dreams will be fulfilled. This is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You will immediately realize that this place does not have dawn when you participate. The only way to get out is to play all of the games and stay alive.

Remember that you came here because of your own wishes. Desire will be difficult to come by, and you may face a number of challenges. Make every attempt to get as far as possible in this game. Who will make your heart skip a beat in this adventure? Do you truly want to see everything this planet has to offer? However, there is one thing you must keep in mind; after all, this is a death game.

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In an interactive game, all you have to do is listen to the characters’ speech to follow the story’s progression. You will be given two to three alternatives after each incident. Each option will result in a distinct set of events to follow. You may guide the story’s conclusion in whatever way you like. It all relies on your choices whether you are completely happy or completely disappointed.

What makes The Rondo Of Oblivion so engaging?

Today, you may play a variety of odd games. However, Rondo of Oblivion will grant you your wish!

Enter Moonwake Manor

If you are familiar with the Otome series, you are probably a lady who longs to be hugged. While there are many dating simulations games available nowadays, none compares to Otome games.

These are games in which you may play with anime-style males who have different personalities and with whom you can engage at the same time.

Today, in The Rondo of Oblivion MOD APK, you may enjoy their distinctive friends and qualities. You will find yourself at Moonwake Manor, a creepy house.

Find out the truth

You have been welcomed inside this enigmatic house where one can fulfill one’s innermost wishes. However, you must exercise caution since you are unaware of the truth about this mansion, and a game awaits you here.

Then you will meet Alistair, Lachlan, and Ezra, who are all colorful personalities. Each of these people will have an impact on your stay, and you will be able to pick who you will stay with at the end. Today, find out the truth and look for your brother.

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Meet fascinating people

  • Alistair is arrogant

He stays to himself at first, in such complete stillness that you do not even realize his presence. He did, however, immediately demonstrate his obnoxiousness. Alistair is irritable, haughty, and distrustful of others when speaking. “You want me to help?” he instantly responded when asked. This is ridiculous.

If you want to live, do not put your faith in someone like me.” Alistair was the only one who refused to tell anybody about his wishes. Can you work with someone like that?

the rondo of oblivion
Choose your love
  • Lachlan is cool

Lachlan is stoic, cryptic, and distant as if he does not want anything to do with you. Despite this, he appears unexpectedly under unexplained circumstances, making you miss him. You begin to wish that he would stop mentioning her. Why are you so disappointed when you have no idea who Lachlan is? Maybe you have been moved from the first time you met?

the rondo of oblivion mod apk
Choose your drama
  • Happy Ezra

Even though she was playing a deadly game, Ezra always had a wicked grin on her face. But, in reality, he is hiding another face that makes you nervous. The most evident characteristic of Ezra is that he appears to despise you. You have no clue because he believes the way he does.

However, after only a little exchange, you know that something is impeding his heart. What is the final word on the matter? Can you provide a ray of hope in order to bring the two of you together?

rondo of oblivion sleeps for eternity
Choose your ending

The game’s interface

It is like reading a gripping novel while taking part in The Rondo of Oblivion. However, it is vibrant and propelled by character lines. Although there is no narrative, the material is very understandable.

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The game’s characters are attractively created in a cartoon manner. The wide range of character expressions makes it simpler to get lost in the story. You will be immediately engaged in this interesting narrative thanks to the dynamic background music that varies according to the circumstances.

Choose your response

In this game, you have the option of responding to a variety of circumstances. You may either foster the connection or obtain a different ending depending on your reaction.

You get to select who you want to be within the game! Because this is a dating simulator, you will get a lot of back-and-forth information today, which will get you close to three men.

Cool Visual

This game has a wonderful design and cool graphics. The enigmatic mansion combined with the dark, attractive men will make your heart skip a beat.

The Rondo of Oblivion is the game for you if you enjoy Otome games. Now is the time to play it and discover your sweetheart.

The Rondo Of Oblivion Mod APK – Why is it required?

Mod features

Free Premium Choices: You will not have to spend any Ruby to have access to the premium options. You will be fully unlocked from the start in this edition.


People are enthralled by brilliant games. The storylines in each rendition are highly appealing. The Rondo of Oblivion is, too! You will be immersed in a difficult love tale. A narrative in which you were despised from the start for no apparent reason. Show off your talent by making the proper decisions for a happy ending!


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