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Even though some believe the hype for dating apps has already passed, Tinder has not done bringing new features for the public. Far from being just a trend, Tinder and other dating apps probably came to stay. Whether people are looking for long-term relationships or hooking, swiping is a habit that many people are not ready to lose just yet.

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Among the new features, we have Tinder Gold Apk. A premium version of Tinder is more complete than Tinder Plus added with features like "Top Picks" and "Likes You". As the developers state, Tinder Gold is supposed to be a "first-class swipe experience", promising to make it easier to get matches and to boost your success rate on the app. Of course, it is not free. The gold version price may not be as sweet as the rewards it gives. The exact price depends on location and age, but the average is $30 per month. New users do get free trials and longer subscribers, discounts. The 12-month plan, for instance, costs less than half of the original price. In this post, we are going to tell you everything that Tinder Gold has to offer and whether or not is it worth paying for.

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What does Tinder Gold give you?

Below, read about all the important attributes of Tinder Gold and get to know all the differences it has between the Plus version and the regular one. Tinder Gold gathers all the Tinder Plus' extra attributes, unlimited likes for instance, with two main differences: the "Likes You" and the "Top Picks" grids.

See Who Likes You with "Likes You"

The Tinder Gold app was made to provide a more efficient experience for those who want to optimize their swipes and set dates faster. Its major feature indicates who already swiped right your profile photo, meaning you can see who already liked you. With this information, it is simple to make an informed swipe and to get lots of matches right away. Click on the "Likes You" option to see the list of people who have liked your profile since the last time you opened the app. You can simply scroll down the list of profiles in your location that liked yours and swipe them back. You will instantly read "It's a match!" on your screen. Also, while on the main Tinder swiping pool, you may see a gold heart icon next to some people's profile names. When it happens, this means this person swiped right your profile and is waiting for your match! Another benefit for the hurried ones is Tinder's notification each time your profile is swiped right. If you were looking for not wasting any moment, then it will suit your needs. Just tap in the notification bar, see who likes you, and swipe! Simple as that, you will get more matches in a few minutes! However, if you like the fun of going through some trouble to find the perfect match, then you may stick to the average version and swipe some more until there. Even if you are not interested in stacking matches, with this extra, you can assess quickly how many people find you attractive enough to swipe right. It is useful to give you some metrics about your profile. You can make changes and test them by checking if the "Likes You" numbers have grown or decreased.

"Top Picks" or Curated Matches

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As a premium member, you do have different treatments. The premium app will display 4 to 10 pictures, specially curated for you in the "Top Picks" grid. To access this feature, you first have to click on the gold diamond icon. By the way, this option is not available for Tinder Plus users: it is exclusive for Tinder Gold users. The displayed profiles change every day, guaranteeing you will have something new to see there. Also, if you got interested, do not waste your time and swipe right! If you are not satisfied, you can buy more top picks in the app. Note that each of the profiles comes with an attribute, or a keyword, giving a hint on the person's overall personality or main habits. The algorithm behind it is not always trustworthy, tough. It chooses the keyword it finds most relevant in the user's description, but not always it is the most accurate. If you are more about collecting matches quickly, this is not exactly the tool you are looking for. Not necessarily the pics you swipe right among these curated profiles are going to do the same with your profile.

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Unlimited Rewinds

A popular feature on Tinder premium versions allows the user to rewind to the last profile she or he saw. Often, when swiping has become almost automatic, a lot of users regret not having a "ctrl+Z" option on dating apps. Well, who has not swiped some pictures in the wrong direction only by reflex? This is fixed in the paid versions, allowing you to come back to the last profile only. It means you can not come back indefinitely in the queue, but only to the immediate last one. Just click the yellow arrow to retrocede and think more about that particular one.

Unlimited Likes

You can swipe forever with this version. While the average membership limits the amount a user can swipe in 12 hours, Tinder Gold does not. You have unlimited likes to swipe for hours.

Boost your Profile once per Month

This extra boosts the rate your profile is shown in other ones' queues. It is statistically certain that you could earn more likes with it. This is also present in the other paid version.

You will Be Free from Ads

No more advertising interrupting the regular photo queue if you chose to pay for these versions.

Use 5 Super Likes per Day

While using the normal version of Tinder, users have to be economical on who going to take their only super like per day. The Tinder Gold version lets you relax: you can use the super-like feature 5 times a day. Giving all those super likes per day will improve your matching rate.

Tinder Gold "Passport": meet people everywhere

With both Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold, it is possible to use the "change your location" feature in the settings menu. With this premium tool, you get to pretend to be anywhere you want and, then, match with users in different locations (from different cities to different countries). If that is a useful extra, it is for you to decide. Maybe you are just curious. Maybe for you is easy to arrange dates at different places. Maybe you are going to travel next month, and you want to get ahead and meet local people right now. Anyway, this is a feature that can be helpful, but only in limited situations.

Can Others Tell you have the Tinder Gold version?

In the same way that your match knows you gave him or her a super like, they will know you got to them by some paid features. When you message you are super liked matches, they can see the blue icon next to your username. When you like someone among your daily "Top Picks", they will receive the option to like you back by selecting one option between four incognito photos. If they happen to choose you, they will know it was by the gold heart icon displayed when you message him or her, or vice-versa.

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How to Get your Free Trial of Tinder Gold?

Every new user of Tinder receives the free-trial pop-up when it first registers. It looks like this: You can proceed normally. Just fulfill the forms to access the paid benefits. Note that it only is available once per account, and strictly for new users. With you rather have the benefit twice, make another account.

Is it Worth Paying for Tinder Gold?

For those interested to boost their matches, Tinder Gold could be a super tool. However, boosting your Tinder account worth $30 per month? And what about $20 or $10 for the longer subscriptions? Well, it all depends on what you are getting. So, is the Gold version worthy?

Tinder Gold may not be the solution you are looking for

After every topic we described, we can say that the paid version of the dating app is useful, but not necessarily worth paying for. Even with more super likes per day and knowing the profiles that liked yours, it is not certain that you will get much out of it. Features that allow you to see every person who likes you can help, but not necessarily the conversation after the match will lead to somewhere. One of the bigger problems of services like Tinder is the connexion between the matching couple. We are not talking about deep connexions, we are talking about whether there is reciprocal interest between the two matched persons. If there are not any, Tinder Gold does not offer a solution for it: it is a media for matching only, not to evaluate compatibility. Because of that, we can not expect a revolution in your dating life only because you are investing money into it. It is probably better that you try different approaches.

If you are not paying, What Can you Do?

The alternative for using the paid version of Tinder is to be present on other dating apps, which are not few. If you have time to manage multiple accounts and swipe across different apps, you can probably enhance your chances to set more dates for free. It is a good idea to register in similar meeting applications other than Tinder. You can check these really good posts on cnet.com and digitaltrends.com about the best alternatives in the dating market. A very popular option is Bumble. Bumble is very particular because, when dealing with opposite-sex couples, women have to initiate conversation. If you are still inclined to use Tinder Gold, check the session below about the Apk Mod version of Tinder, which is free and has the paid features unblocked.

The Apk Mod Option

You may prefer the best of both worlds: enjoy some paid extras and do not spend money on them. Although is true that you can receive a better swiping experience with the apk mod of Tinder, not all extra attributes will be available. Since programmers can not mod the application server, only user-end resources are available. In this case, the user will be able to rewind and view pictures of who liked her or him. "Top Pics" and boosting, for instance, do not work.

If you Still want to Try the Paid Version

If that is not your cup of tea, but still you want to try the paid version, test it for 3 days. If you think it is worth it, pay for one month, but do not buy the longer subscriptions. Well, if the paid features are so successful, you will probably do not need them for more than a couple of months, right? Finally, we have to admit that there are people out there that are super busy, and do not have hours to spend swiping on their phones all day until they match with someone interesting enough to set up a date with. In this case, maybe paying for the membership will work fine. It will optimize your precious time. And you can quit whenever you found someone or when you are satisfied. You will just see who likes you with features like the mentioned, and it will boost and optimize your romantic life. We hoped you liked our post! Did you have any experience with either paid version of Tinder? If you did, please, leave your comment!


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