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The Titanium TV app is one of today's most popular Apk mods for streaming and video search. With the app, users can watch movies for free, on high quality, and still get access to new releases. For disclaimer, the latest updated version is Titanium TV Apk v2.0.23. Read our post to know how to use Titanium TV in your Firestick!

titanium tv apk logo and icon
titanium tv change log window showing the most recent version os the apk v2.0.22
titanium tv left bar window in the app interface

The Titanium TV Apk

Streaming is the new TV. Apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime are the new preferred media to watch movies, tv shows, documentaries, and many other types of content. Since they gave users free choice on which screen to watch the content (those apps all have a mobile, desktop, fire tv, or smart TV versions) the streaming apps revolutionized modern multimedia consumption. This phenomenon transformed a whole free torrent-downloading generation and convinced them to pay for the content they consume. There were several paid streaming apps released in recent years. However, Netflix is often not enough for most users eager for more and more new movies. For this reason, alternative free streaming services are each day more common. As a TV Apk, Titanium TV is among the most popular ones. Often, you can get new movies and tv shows not available in standard apps such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. The main purpose of Titanium TV is to serve all viewers' needs in one application. It is a very popular feature, especially among Firestick users.

Search Titanium TV

As stated in its disclaimer section, Titanium TV is not a regular streaming service since it does not store video content on its server-side. The application is actually a search engine. Its service is to aggregate open links to media files in a convenient user interface. That means it does not mod streaming apps or videos. All the content made available in the Titanium TV application is already publicly displayed online somewhere.

Alternatives In the Market

There are other apps in the free streaming market, and their features can vary a bit. Popular alternatives are Cyberflix, TVZion, and TyphoonTV. To help users to choose which one is best to watch your favorite tv show, we made this article about the main features included in the Titanium TV app. We will break down the benefits and the common questions the audience has about the Apk Titanium TV. We will also show how to download the Apk file to watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free on mobile, desktop, or on the TV screen (you can get Titanium Tv on Firestick). So, are you looking to experience the most complete TV on your Android or iOS? Or do you want to compliment your Fire TV features? If you do, read our post to discover if the Titanium TV Apk is the right choice for you and use our guides to download the new updated version!

Did Titanium TV got Shut Down?

If you search Titanium TV online, it is probable that you will land in some Reddit discussion about whether it is shut down or still running. This happens because the app was indeed dead in early 2020. However, TV Titanium was reborn later in the same year. The version from which its mod Apk has been developed (Terrarium TV), tough, was discontinued permanently, as you can read on their official page. Titanium TV, therefore, is currently obtainable and can be downloaded for, Android, iOS, Firestick, and desktop computers. As said, the application's latest updated version is Titanium TV Apk v2 0 23, released in 2020.

Does Titanium TV still Work?

Yes, it still works! You can download and install the latest version, Titanium TV Apk v2 0 23 on mobile and Fire TV. Check our content below for know-how.

Is Titanium TV Good?

One of the major things to consider whether the Titanium TV app is good or bad is the experience of search it provides. The application is not a regular streaming service, but aggregate links as a search engine do, as we said above.

broklyn 99 overview page in titanium tv app
chernobyl overview page on titanium tv apk
marvel's the defenders overview page on titanium tv apk
mr robot page on titanium tv with all the four season and an extra
the mandalorian display on titanium tv with related movies
titanium tv interface showing the search results for marvel tv shows
titanium tv interface sidplaying the recently updated movies and series

Maybe it is a nice option for Smartphones, but certainly, it is a good one for Fire TV users. Otherwise, it would be harder to find the specific file online, since browsing in a Smart TV is still impractical. Having an app that searches the file you want, hence, is good help.

the boys seasons page on titanium tv apk with the two seasons available
the mandalorian overview page on titanium tv apk
the mandalorian trailer playing from titanium tv apk
the queen's gambit overview page in the titanium tv app
titanium tv interface displaying the search results for marvel
vikings page with all seasons in the titanium tv app
watchmen overview page on titanium tv apk

If you are planning to have the desktop version, you will be better off using PopCorn Time or even going back to good and old free torrent download. Since navigation is easier on PCs and Macs, the Titanium TV app does not add very much. If we think about the overall experience, the app is quite satisfactory when used from Fire TV. If you use the app after reading our post, please, do not forget to come back and leave your comment!

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How to Download Titanium TV?

We are going to break down in simple steps how to download Titanium Tv Apk file on several platforms. The app is updated and available for mobile, Firestick, and pc. Remembering that its latest version of Titanium TV Apk is v2 0 23. The process is very simple and does not differ too much for each device. Follow this simple guide to enjoy your favorites movies and TV shows in high quality! Keep reading to learn how to download and install Titanium TV Apk v2 0 23!

For Android and iOS Smartphones

If you are up to try the streaming app on mobile, the first thing is to allow installing from your browser. This is mandatory because Titanium TV Apk has to be installed from a third-party provider (not your default app store). Visit the Titanium TV download page and look for the right button to download the Apk. You will find the latest available version of the Apk file. The process is a little bit different whether you are using an Android or iOS phone, so pay attention to this. To install Titanium TV Apk on you mobile phone, go to settings and enable the installation of apps outside the Play Store. In Android, you only need to follow these steps:

  • Go to "Settings";
  • Click on "Biometrics and Security";
  • Click on "Install unknown apps";
  • Search for your standard browser and allow it to download and install apps on your device.

You are all set to download the app. Retrieve the link and start the installation from your browser. In Android, you may be presented with a Play Protect message about the TV Titanium app. Developers ensure the app is safe and will not track your data. You can click on "Install Anyway" and wait for the installation to be concluded.

play protect blocking pop up and instructions to click on install anyway

Titanium TV app for Firestick

To get Titanium TV on Firestick, you first have to obtain the Downloader app on your device. This application lets your Firestick download a file from a URL. This way, you will only need to type a URL containing the downloadable file of the Apk Titanium TV to install it in the Firestick. So, to install Titanium TV on Firestick, you must enable download from unknown sources and you need the Downloader application. Follow these steps:

  • Click in "Settings" in the Home Screen;
  • Chose "My Fire TV";
  • Scroll to "Developer Options"; and
  • Click on "App from unknown sources" and set this option by clicking on "Turn On".
  • Back to the Home Screen, search for "Downloader".
  • You will find the Downloader app by the orange banner, as shown below. Download and install the application.
  • Now, open the Downloader app and type the following URL: https://troypoint.com/titanium (provided by Troy Point).

Your Firestick will download the Apk from that URL. Allow for the installation to proceed and wait until it ends. After that, the Titanium TV will be displayed on the home screen of your Firestick.

Installing Titanium TV app on PC

In this case, the installation works like any other software you would use on your computer: there's no trick nor special permission to give. Just do what you do better and download the app. Search for the right URL, safe to download Titanium TV, and remember to hide your VPN while using it.

How to Use the main Features of Titanium TV

After you successfully install Titanium TV on any device of your choice, the experience of using the app is the same for everyone.

Attention at the Disclaimer

When you open the application, you will note the Disclaimer pop-up. Please, read carefully to understand the app service. As we said above, Titanium TV is not a streaming service: it does not store content. It browses third party websites. In this sense, Titanium TV has no rights reserved on any content it displays. Legally, the user is under her os his own risk and discretion. But relax, there is no need to worry since it is not a felony to watch movies in those circumstances. You may click "Accept" but, since your behavior is visible, we strongly suggest you hide your VPN when using Titanium TV. We never know in which URL you will land after you click "play". To hide your VPN, choose among several options online. We will cover this topic in an upcoming post. If you want to share with the community which is your favorite VPN hider, please, leave a comment after the post! You can read the Titanium privacy policy here.

Titanium TV Features

Please, keep reading to check our updated list about the latest released Apk version:

  • The subtitles used in the app are provided by Open Subtitles, one of the best and most popular platforms of .srt files sharing, Subscene, Makedie, and SubHD.
drop menu displaying all the available options of subtitles source in titanium tv app
  • Often, when you click on a trailer, the following URL will lead you to YouTube.
  • When you sign up for a Real-Debrid account, you can easily change among more player options in settings. Real-Debrid is a multimedia storage and downloader service that can enhance your experience on Titanium TV and similar applications.
titanium tv general settings and the real debrid account option
  • Click the top "play" icon to change the player when browsing a particular movie or tv show. The players used by Titanium TV are ExoPlayer, MX Player, and VLC Player.
notification in the titanium tv app about changing subtitles
titanium instructions about checking an episode as watched in the upper bar
titanium tv apk displaying instructions to switch the player
  • As Titanium Apk developers state, every content in the app can be seen in the high-quality definition.
  • The "play-pause" button in the upper menu forwards to the next episode of a TV show.
  • After you click on a link, the application will take some time to resolve it and to display the content. You can click stop if it keeps buffering, or you can change between players.
  • Your favorite tv shows can get a star to easily be accessed by the Favorite option in the top menu.
box on titanium tv app to chose the default video player
screen showing the options in playing videos in titanium tv apk

Finally, Titanium TV is a good call for people trying to improve their experience using the Firestick on Smart TVs. The app has a lot of potential for this device, but is not suggested for desktop, and maybe even not for Android nor iOS.

titanium tv settings window displaying options to edit the subtitles
titanium tv settings window displaying the trakt.tv login option

We hope you enjoyed Titanium TV and our post! If you do, please, leave a comment below and let us know if you had any experience with the Titanium TV Apk or how was your download. Make sure your friends get to know more about Titanium TV, share this post with her or him! Enjoy your TV shows! See you in the next post!

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