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Tom and Jerry cartoon was first aired in 1965, yet it is still popular today. It continues to be broadcast all around the world and enjoys millions of fans. This program brought many children's dreams to reality because of its simplicity and amusing activities. It has generated numerous motion pictures and even video games throughout the decades!

Prepare to be astonished by Tom and Jerry Chase if you miss the old and classic program! This excellent game recaptures the show's original artwork style completely. In addition, you may play Jerry or Tom in a thrilling chase with wild characters! Create iconic moments from the series and relive your youth while playing this fantastic game!

What is Tom and Jerry: Chase Mod APK?

Tom and Jerry: Chase Mod APK is a competitive 1v4 game, but it has a lighthearted feel about it when you put characters from the famous cartoon, Tom and Jerry, into the game. Warner Bros. has licensed NetEase to create a game with characters linked to childhood in order to elicit feelings of nostalgia while playing it. This traditional original design game re-creates the Tom and Jerry cartoons in an authentic manner.

tom and jerry chase mod apk

Highlight features of Tom and Jerry: Chase Mod APK

In Tom and Jerry Chase, you may take on the role of Tom or Jerry in a legendary game of tag. Here are some of its highlight features:

Familiar plot

Tom and Jerry is a cartoon that people of all ages remember. Despite the fact that the tale simply states the three words "cat chase mouse," it is fascinating to children and adults alike. Netease does not want to lose its unique identity, therefore they incorporated the film's plot into the game as well, creating a game of chasing with elements similar to those in the movie. It isn't right for a big cat to fight a little mouse, though. Cat Tom must now pursue four mice looking for cheese. Who will win?

Tom or Jerry role-playing gameplay

To sum up, you'll be able to pick which side of the cat or mouse you want to control. It's sort of like a game where you're a cat and have to chase the mouse. You must find cheese and push it into your cave, as well as avoid being caught by the cat.

To save time, you may begin with the mouse side. If you pick the mouse side, for example, you'll control a robotic mouse to monitor the home and discover the location of the cheese to save additional time. You can destroy those rats if you're on the cat-side to allow more time searching, extend how long it takes to pursue them, and get rid of bothersome opponents.

The game offers touch arrow buttons or joystick controls for controlling the character. In addition, there are various skill buttons that can be learned as the player levels up, much like in MOBAs.

Many items make the game more attractive

When a lot of wonderful things start to appear on our lawn, it won't be merely an empty home. The game also features many intriguing objects like as ice, bazooka, and explosives... When there are such items in the game, the endless pursuit will be more entertaining and tactical.

Character system with additional

The protagonist of the film, Tom, and Jerry are the most prominent monuments. However, Tom and Jerry: Chase introduces characters that are hardly seen in the series to provide variety to the game, such as Butch, Lightning, Jerry Robinhood, and Jerry Detective... Each character has distinct talents; double-check their descriptions before signing up for a match. When it comes to aesthetics, the game is particularly interested in characters with their own costumes.

tom and jerry chase mod apk (unlimited money)

Invite more friends to enjoy the game

You may play custom matches with your friends like other MOBA games, but not 10 individuals, but only up to 5 people. You can definitely communicate and interact with pals in the game without any additional software.

tom and jerry chase mod apk (unlimited money and diamonds)

Great graphics system

As a result, Netease knows how to make the most of it when the characters are associated with childhood have near-identical appearances to the original movies. This is a significant benefit that allows the game to appeal to a large audience. The game also supports High Frame Rate (maximum 60 FPS) and HD graphics in order to provide players with the best possible experience.

With each stroke, the map grows in complexity and diversity. The chase battle may be fought on water, indoors, or on a yacht, among other things. The sound is also quite intense, making you feel as if you're watching a Tom and Jerry cartoon for the first time ever as a kid.

tom and jerry chase mod apk + obb

How to download and install Tom and Jerry: Chase Mod APK?

To download and install Tom and Jerry: Chase Mod APK, simply visit the Google Play Store or iTunes and search for the game. Once you've found it, click on the download button to start the installation process. Before you begin playing, however, make sure that your device meets the system requirements for Tom and Jerry: Chase Mod APK. These typically include a minimum operating system version of Android 2.3 or later, as well as at least 2GB of RAM.


Tom and Jerry: Chase Mod APK is a great game for fans of the childhood characters. It's easy to download and install, and it's also free to play. However, make sure that your device meets the system requirements before you begin playing. Thanks for reading!

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tom and jerry chase mod apk
tom and jerry chase mod apk + obb
tom and jerry chase mod apk (unlimited money)
tom and jerry chase mod apk (unlimited money and diamonds)
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