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If you enjoy car racing games but are bored with the same old titles, the Rollic Games studio has something new for you. Towing Race is what it's all about. You will not only race in this game, but you will also be required to drag heavy vehicles without breaking the chain. It can be challenging. As a result, we've brought Towing Race MOD APK to your attention, which can give you an advantage in the game. Wondering what we're talking about? Continue reading!

Introducing to Towing Race

Towing Race is a casual game in which you get into powerful cars and attempt to tow all of the other vehicles in each scene. You will be able to tow even the heaviest of trucks if you improve the condition of your cars. The game mechanics are simple to understand. Simply keep your finger on the screen to progress. Your car will begin to pull a heavy vehicle that is chained. To keep the chain from breaking, release your finger when the danger icon appears. You must also compete against other vehicles using precision at certain exceptional levels.

towing race apk

Although the Towing Race gameplay is simple, it becomes addictive as you progress through the levels. Towing each of these cars will earn you a lot of coins, which will allow you to unlock a slew of other cars to drag tanks, trucks, and massive race cars. It's important to remember that your cars won't be very powerful during the first few levels of Towing Race. However, as you tow the remaining vehicles, you will accumulate enough rewards to upgrade the features of each van. You can, in fact, access your garage from the main menu to view all of the available 4x4s.

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Tips for playing Towing Race

Towing Race is a racing game in which you drive powerful trucks down short tracks while attempting to tow something massive behind you. You'll be yanking everything if you want to win, including boats, trucks, and tanks. And we're guessing you want to win, which is why you're reading this. If that's the case, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find the best hints, tips, and cheats that we've discovered while playing Towing Race. If you stick to these, you'll be crossing the finish line first every time, which is pretty cool.

Don't just hold your finger down

No matter how strong your chain is, if you just keep your finger on the screen, it will snap. Instead, you should press and lift, using your phone's vibrations to determine when the tension is too much.

Pay attention to the exclamation mark

When an exclamation mark appears above the chain, it is about to snap and you should stop pulling. You'll also be able to tell when something is wrong because the chain will turn red. Use these cues to ensure that you never risk snapping your chain and failing the level.

Upgrade evenly

You should concentrate your upgrades on your power and chain strength, but do so evenly. If you become too powerful without increasing the strength of your chain, it will snap too frequently. Increase your chain strength without increasing your power, and you will finish second in every race. Increase your earning potential when you have some extra cash.

Towing Race MOD APK – The ultimate solution to become better at the game

Towing Race is currently free to play, so you and your friends can enjoy the majority of the game's content without spending a dime. To begin playing the game, simply download and install it from the Google Play Store. But still, there are some in-app purchases that can make you feel irritated.

towing race apk download

And if you want the most complete experience with Towing Race and unlimited access to all of its features, the mod version of the game will give you all of that and more. To get unlimited Money/Coins without having to watch advertisements, download and install the Towing Race MOD APK on your mobile device. Then, you can purchase whatever you desire and run in styles. In conclusion, Towing Race MOD APK allows you to take the wheel of an off-road tractor that is linked by a chain to trucks, tanks, passenger buses, and other heavy vehicles. What will it take for you to tow the track without breaking the chains? Download the game and try it out for yourself.

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towing race apk
towing race apk download
Towing Race MOD APK
Towing Race MOD APK download
Towing Race MOD APK Unlimited Money