The Township game is where you can customize every aspect from buildings, zoning laws, transportation needs; all with this great Android app that free costs! The map system makes it easy for you to see how different areas complement each other while providing fun tasks like planting trees or creating parks in any location at any time during gameplay.
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Overview of Township Mod Apk

Township Mod Apk is a free-to-play simulation game, a new and innovative way to create the town of your dreams. It features vibrant graphics which makes it an appealing option for the younger generation as well. Players can be a farmer, rancher, lumberjack or fisherman as they build and grow their own town. There are plenty of quests to complete and rewards to earn in the new township game. With over 50 million downloads worldwide, this is one app that you won’t want to miss out on!

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Interesting features that you must know about Township Mod Apk


Township is a simulation game where players have to build and maintain a thriving town that can grow from an idyllic hamlet into a bustling metropolis on its own.

Players are responsible for managing the economy, agriculture, and natural resources to provide jobs, food, and energy sources in order to grow the population of their township while balancing out development with environmental sustainability.

Besides that, the player also must perform tasks such as constructing buildings for people of different occupations who want to live in their city or planting crops so they are able to eat food when it is time for them to do some work!

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Build the towers of your dreams

Become a construction magnate in the Township game on Android devices. Build your own city in a game that’s like Sim City or Minecraft, such as building homes, factories, and other buildings in order to attract more residents.

Even build the towers of your dreams and watch them come to life! Design up to three floors with six different room types each, including apartments, offices, hotels, or even an observatory! Personalize exterior designs by changing add-ons like stairs or railings for balconies.

This game offers over 100 unique buildings with different functions that give players greater control over how they want to develop their township.

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Manage and upgrade the farm

In Township, you’ll work to build up your farm in a small country town. Your core mission in Township is to become a farmer extraordinaire and manage all aspects of your farm so it is profitable.

You will get started with some basic crops such as like corn, wheat, and soybeans while also raising animals like cows and chickens, but you’ll quickly be able to grow more advanced plants like coffee beans as well! The more crops and livestock that come into the township from neighboring farms, the bigger it will grow!

You may even have an opportunity to increase production by purchasing new buildings like stables and greenhouses for vegetables or an apple tree for apples with goods earned through trade at market day each week.

And don’t forget to upgrade equipment at the shop so that you can refine these products into even fancier goods for sale on neighboring farms…

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3D graphics perfects

These 3D graphics are the perfect addition to the Township game, from the graphics, weather effects, and sound quality of this complex simulation game. The visuals like buildings, trees, terrain give players an unparalleled level of detail that enhances gameplay, to be rendered smoothly on the small device screen and immerses you even more into the game itself.

You can see 3D buildings with streetlights that light up at night time when it gets dark outside, trees swaying back and forth when a gust of wind blows through them or leaves rustling in a nearby tree branch – can be said that they act just like real life.

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Decorate the town to be happy

To make your citizens happy, you need to build shops for them so they can get jobs, houses for them so they can live comfortably, roads so they can move around easily, schools, hospitals, fire stations, or other important landmarks, parks where they can relax and more…

There are also seasonal events that change every few months so there is always something fresh happening in your virtual township!

The more money you spend on these things now will pay off later because happier townsfolk means more revenue from taxes and a higher overall level!


Download and install Township Mod Apk

Mod feature:

  • Unlimited Money
    (Note: Your account may be banned if found using mods. Please consider before using)

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Download and install

  1. Download Township Mod Apk from our site with the “Download” button above this article.
  2. Remove the original version on your device and enable “Unknown sources” on your device.
    Remember to turn on this option
  3. Install Township Mod Apk on your Android device
  4. Open the game and enjoy!
  5. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below!
  6. Thank you for reading this article! Now go download it and start playing!
  7. Stay tuned for more updates from us soon!
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FAQ about Township Mod Apk

Is it safe to download and install Township Mod Apk?

  • Definitely safe, you can rest assured.

How does Township Mod Apk work?

  • Your money will increase when you buy something in the game.

How much does Township Mod Apk cost?

  • You can download Township Mod Apk completely free at

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