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If you are looking for an entertaining puzzle game, we will recommend you Troll Robber Mod Apk. The game has a combination of theft and intriguing puzzle aspects that will make you have new experiences. You will also have the opportunity to exercise your brain and increase your creativity in this game. Download the game to solve interesting puzzles and tease others by taking their stuff right away.

What is Troll Robber Mod Apk about?

Troll Robber is an interesting entertainment game of the publisher ABI Global LTD. The game has a plot about an unlucky thief and he has a strange ability. He's had an arm that can stretch indefinitely and turn into a rubber-like arm, allowing him to squirm just about everywhere.

Troll Robber is an interesting entertainment game

If his arm comes into contact with a deadly object or if stealing is found, he will suffer the most devastating consequences of all. Then he started wandering around and performing acts of stealing what he wanted.

Highlight features of Troll Robber Mod Apk

Attractive gameplay

In this game, you will be in the position of a thief that is compelled to think and brainstorm to find the safest route to steal. You will draw a path for the arm by touching the screen. After that, the hand will stretch out along the indicated line and grab the thing you desire. You should be careful not to encounter any of the obstacles in each game scene.

In this game, you will be in the position of a thief

To perform actions like a real thief, you will need to observe, appraise, and identify goals and barriers by looking at the image of each play scene. When you steal, keep an eye out for anyone who might stare or glance at you. Before anyone can see you, draw a path for your hand to squirm through the barriers in the smartest and fastest way possible. From there, you can gather the loot and proceed to the next screen.

Many entertaining puzzles

This game gives you a lot of entertaining puzzles, and each puzzle is divided into levels. Your mission is to figure out a way to troll others by solving puzzles.

After each task, you must steal the appropriate item. When you start a new level, the type of stuff you need to steal will be displayed by the system. When you've finished the puzzle quest, you'll be able to go on to the next level.

This game gives you a lot of entertaining puzzles

The difficulty of each level will gradually increase, and more challenging situations, impediments are placed difficult in positions. You will face numerous obstacles while stretching your arms to complete problems.

Encounter various obstacles

In Troll Robber, you will encounter various obstacles such as electric sockets, wild animals, warning lights, and other barriers. Different barriers will occur depending on the puzzle's level.

In Troll Robber, you will encounter various obstacles

Obstacles are divided into two categories including moveable and immovable impediments. You will be detected no matter what hurdles you encounter. Furthermore, stealing the wrong object necessitates stealing on one level. Others will find out about you and assault you with a blow.

Improve your thievery skills

To complete a successful theft in this game, you will need a high level of professionalism. You must first study everything around you before acting, from the location of the impediments to the location of the stolen stuff. Next, you need to figure out where you want to stretch your arms correctly.

Improve your thievery skills and improve your brain's ingenuity

Make use of your imagination to locate safe areas and spread your arms wide so they don't come into contact with any obstructions. You will get the item you want quickly. As each level is completed, you'll need to improve your thievery skills and improve your brain's ingenuity to take your thievery to new heights.

Graphics and sound

Troll Robber brings impressive graphics with charming cartoon images. Characters are well-designed, with actions and details carefully organized. This game uses a basic color with very attractive, fresh and vivid tones. The character moves and the way the arm rises along the line are both highly flexible and colorful, even though it's purely 2D.

Besides the impressive image, the sound quality in this game is also attractive. You will be startled by the sound of police sirens during fights or the screams of people who have lost their belongings. You will find this is a new and interesting game to experience.

Why should you download Troll Robber Mod Apk?

Troll Robber Mod Apk is a modified version of the game that we provide for free with many advanced features for you. With our mod version, you can get unlimited money to buy anything in-game you want. You can freely enjoy all the advanced features in this game for free without paying as in the original. Download the mod version and enjoy the fun stealing game in this game.

Mod features:

  • Unlimited money


That’s all about Troll Robber Mod Apk. Join the game to help your character steal whatever he wants. Besides stealing things, you will also solve interesting puzzles in this game that will help you train your thinking and creative abilities. Download the game and enjoy the novel gameplay and attractive graphics and sound in this game for a great relaxing time.

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