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True Amps Premium APK – Free download for Android 

Do you require an app that allows you to receive clickable notifications and actions while charging your device? Consider a charging style in your facility that can be changed from normal to a combination of different options such as waves, shells, orbital particles, or progress. Then download True Amps Premium APK right now. It will provide you with a one-of-a-kind charging experience and will only activate when your device is charging. True Amps is available for free download at TechToDown. Showcase your device and be the talk of the room with True Amps!

Why is True Amps special? 

Would you like to have a one-of-a-kind charging style that you can customize from normal to a mix of different options such as shells, waves, or orbital particles? This is an exciting experience that will keep your eyes glued to your screen every time you plug in a power source. True Amps by newGen Mobile is a fantastic Android app that provides all of this experience! With over one million users worldwide, you know this is a great app that you should have on your device right now.

Easy to use

This app is extremely simple and easy to use. Simply grant it permission to run on top of other apps in the settings and begin tinkering with the various features until you find the configuration that best suits your needs.

Fully customizable 

True Amps is fantastic because it allows for a plethora of customization options. You can change the main color of the circles, selecting from a variety of options, and even adjust the intensity levels of each one. You can also change the amount of information displayed on the screen while the device is charging, change the background color to black or white, select the sound you want to hear when you should charge your phone and when it's fully charged, and so on.

A free app with no interrupting ads 

Ads that interrupt users are not present in the application. Furthermore, the app is free, and the newGen Mobile team designed it to use minimal system resources and a small portion of the CPU. Slow USB charging, fast charging, and wireless battery charging are all supported.

What to expect to True Amps Premium APK?

Apart from these above features, True Amps has a range of premium features that take your charging experience to the next level. Download True Amps Premium APK on our website to enjoy all these advanced features for free. 

Battery status display

True Amps will allow you to see how much charge is left in your device's battery. Every time you open the app, it displays the level as a percentage. And interestingly, the level will be displayed in colors. 

For example, Blue may indicate an adequate battery percentage. While Red indicates that the battery may be running low and that the device may shut down. You will also be notified if your battery is depleting faster than usual. This way, you'll know when it's time to plug your device into a charger.

Automatic deactivation 

True Amps Premium APK includes a feature that allows you to disable apps that may be running in the background in order to prevent battery overheating.

Control music player

When music is playing, True Amps Premium APK displays music controls such as play, compose, and pause. Don't be concerned if you receive multiple notifications at the same time. You will be able to continue listening to music without interruptions. The notification will simply appear, with no pause in the music.

Fingerprint unlocks 

This premium feature allows a user to unlock their device while running the True Amps Premium APK. However, you should be aware that this feature may not work with built-in fingerprint scanners.

Manage notifications

Users can take advantage of the swipe-able notification feature with this app. This app is useful when the user wants to remove a notification from the screen. You can hide the notifications by swiping right, or dismiss them by swiping left.

This feature also includes clickable notifications with action buttons, allowing users to place shortcuts to various apps on the screen for easy access. The app can also send you notifications about the current weather conditions. 

Disable unwanted apps

If you don't want to be bothered by nagging notifications from specific apps, you can disable and blacklist them in the True Amps app. Simply go to each of the applications and disable the notifications using the blacklist feature.


Overall, True Amps Premium APK is a good customization app that is ideal if you want to give your smartphone a unique look while it is charging. Get it right now and start charging in style.

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