How do I install XAPK without a computer?

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How to install XAPK on your cellphone is actually quite easy, but you need a separate application to install XAPK on your cellphone called XAPK Installer. The XAPK installer file size isn’t too big, guys, so you don’t have to worry about running out of quota to download this installer. In addition to its small file size, XAPK Installer is also light when you use it to install the application or game you want.

  • To be able to install XAPK, you need the XAPK Installer application . You can download the XAPK Installer on Playstore
  • Give access permission on XAPK Installer to Save Data and Install Apps from other sources.
  • In addition, because XAPK is used to install applications outside of the Google Play Store , you also need to grant XAPK Installer access permission to install applications from other sources.
  • After that, select the application that you want to install through this application interface.
  • If you have trouble finding the XAPK you want to install, try scanning the SD Card and installing the XAPK you want.
  • After the application finishes installing the desired XAPK, the application can be used immediately without moving other files.

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