How to create a Match playlist on Spotify to gather likes?

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Spotify Match (or Blend) is a curious tool that brings together the musical tastes of two users in a single playlist. No, it has nothing to do with Tinder! In this case, you invite a friend to create a match — when they accept, Spotify will automatically create a playlist that combines songs they listen to, but not necessarily in common. This playlist is updated daily.

Use Spotify Match to create a unique playlist with another user

How to create a Match on Spotify [Playlist]

All you need is a Spotify account to make a playlist with Match. Functionality is available for Premium and Free users. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your mobile device and tap the “Search” tab in the bottom menu;
  2. Go to “Made for you”;
  3. Tap “Create a match” just below “Playlist for 2”;
  4. Tap “Invite” to select a friend. The invitation can only be used once — you’ll need to send a new link to each person you want to create a playlist with;
  5. Share the link with the person in question. Once she accepts, Spotify will create a playlist that mixes what the two of you usually listen to.

After the other person accepts the invitation, you will see a playlist titled “[person 1] + [your name]”.

The two users can identify which one was the “influence” for the music to be there — the person’s avatar appears next to the track. When a song has been pulled from their library, Spotify shows their icon.

The playlist is updated daily, which makes Match even more interesting, as the songs may change as users’ tastes change as well. It’s a curious way to get to know new music, bands and, of course, your friends’ musical preferences.

Match only works on Spotify’s mobile app for Android and iOS, so you won’t be able to find it in the Web Player or the desktop version of the app.

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