How to create a Spotify account?

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Using streaming applications has become common in users’ daily lives. Mainly for those who like to listen to music all the time, Spotify is one of the main services available on the web, bringing a wide variety of music styles and playlists as well. Also, the app allows you to customize playlists according to your musical taste. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create a Spotify account.


Instructions on how to create a Spotify account from a PC

Although the process is very simple and quick to be performed, some users may have questions about the procedure. Check it out below.

1: Access the official Spotify website and click on “Subscribe”;
2: Next, fill in the registration form with your data or login via Facebook;
3: Read the terms of use and the service’s privacy policy and complete the registration under “Subscribe”

Once finished, you can start using Spotify on your PC in two ways: by downloading and installing the application or via the web player, available via your browser.

In addition, you can also customize your profile by adding a photo of your choice.

How to create a Spotify account from mobile

  1. Download the Spotify app from your app store;
  2. When starting, choose the method you want to register. Tap on “Sign up for free” if you prefer to register through the app itself;
  3. Inform your personal data such as email, password, and date of birth;
  4. Complete the registration and, if you want, add your photo to the profile settings.

It’s important to remember that this profile you just created is a free account. In other words, you can only listen to your playlists if you are connected to the internet.

To be able to download, listen offline, and also not be interrupted by ads during playback, just subscribe to one of the paid plans offered by the service.

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