How to create shortcuts to albums or playlists in Spotify [Pin to top]?

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Spotify allows you to create a shortcut for easy access to what you frequently hear on the platform. You can pin up to four favorite artists, playlists, albums, or podcasts at the top of the Your Library tab. Another alternative is to make a shortcut to a folder with playlists, so you can quickly reach different playlists and still have three spaces available to pin artists, albums, or podcasts.

Spotify updates library interface on iOS and Android

How to create a shortcut in Spotify [Pin]

Users can create up to four shortcuts at the top of the Your Library tab in the app. Until then, the option is not available in the desktop version. Follow the steps below to pin an artist, playlist, album, podcast, or folder:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your mobile device;
  2. Tap the Your Library tab in the lower-left corner;
  3. Find the item you want to pin and drag it to the right;
  4. Tap the pin icon.

After that, the shortcut will appear above all other content saved in your streaming service’s library.

Create shortcuts to playlists, artists, songs or podcasts on Spotify

You can pin the Your Episodes list in the Main Library view, in addition to the New Episodes list, if you want to access Your Episodes in the Library view without having to filter to “Podcasts and Shows” first.

Limited to four pins

A tip: if you’ve reached four pins and would like to have more, you can create a playlist folder via the web player or desktop app. Back to the mobile app, just fix this folder following the steps above. That way, it only takes a shortcut, but when you access it you can quickly view your playlists.

Unpin Liked Songs is another alternative to gaining a shortcut. If you choose to organize the Library by the “Custom” filter, you will still have the likes at the top, but with an extra pin.

You can also unpin New episodes and still access the session using the filter “Podcasts and shows” or searching for it.

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