How to make Spotify’s Astral Map to see your artist match?

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Spotify started releasing, on June 2, 2021, a new joke with usage statistics for each user. With the #OnlyYou (Only You) campaign, it is possible to check which artists define the listener’s taste, as well as to assemble a “brain map” based on what is reproduced, among other categories. Learn how to find and share your music genres, birth chart, and special moments data on Spotify.

Remembering: this campaign is not Wrapped yet. The annual retrospective is always released at the end of each year.

Spotify Astral Map

Finding the birth chart on Spotify

To find the birth chart and other combinations of tastes on Spotify, you need to do the following steps through the app, whether it’s on Android or iOS, there’s no browser-based page on the desktop.

  1. On your smartphone, access the Spotify app;
  2. Tap the magnifying glass button, which opens the “Search” screen;
  3. Below the search field, tap the “Discover what touches you” banner;
  4. A sequence of slides will appear (similar to Instagram Stories), swipe to find information about your behavior in the app and
  5. Spotify’s birth chart, with artists, set to Sun, Moon, and ascendant;
  6. Below each screen, you can share the image on social media, including Instagram Stories (don’t worry if you missed any, the compiled will be available at the end for review).

The selection of artists that are part of the birth chart on Spotify changes for each user, this is the intention, to create something unique for each listener. As you can see, in my case, he selected two extremes: Meghan Thee Stallion and The Calling. ??‍♂️

After the campaign ends, the mixed content will end up in the “Only You” section, located in the “Search” tab, along with the other categories. Spotify didn’t mention when it will stop displaying the presentation with custom images in the app.

How Categories Are Selected

In addition to the birth chart, Spotify has prepared other selections that can be shared on social networks, each one based on behavior:

1: Astrology chart:

  1. Sol: most listened to artist in the last six months;
  2. Lua: highlights an artist who shows his emotional or vulnerable side;
  3. Ascendant: Displays an artist you’ve recently connected to;

2: Your special dinner: propose up to nine artists to choose three for a dinner. Then Spotify creates a mix for each one, to compose the soundtrack of the moment;

3: Your Artist Pair: Shows the extremes of artists you’ve recently listened to;

4: The year of your songs: shows the year of the songs you listen to, highlighting different periods and artists;

5: Your special moment: select a song or podcast that you listen to often at a time (my case: listening to Taylor Swift’s Dorothea in the late afternoon);

6: Your Genres: This shows the mix of genres and podcasts played, not necessarily the extremes, as the third topic.

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