Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod APK – The most powerful version of the iron warrior of the era (Unlimited Money)


Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod Apk is a futuristic sports action game that is based on the idea of the famous series, when people put out machines to go to the arena to win.
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June 15, 2021
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Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod APK version is the best choice for those who are looking for a fighting game with 3v3 (tag-team) team mode or heavy continuous fighting. Are you ready to become the most powerful iron warrior of all time in all games with the same theme?

Introduce about Ultimate Robot Fighting

Ultimate Robot Fighting is a famous robot fighting game published by Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited. That is an extremely intense game-style action fighting.

In the game, players will enter the fierce and dramatic wars of robots. To become the strongest fighter in Ultimate Robot Fighting, this will be the ultimate battle for the survival of robots.

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Coming to Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod, players will experience a lot of interesting things on the fierce battlefield with tons of advanced weapons. This will be your chance to exercise and develop special skills that are versatile so you can win against strong opponents.

Fascinating background

Ultimate Robot Fighting begins with a famous and arrogant AI scientist. He is angry because he was challenged by a human (represented by scientist Louie Cipher). To prove the invincible power of steel heroes, he will send his robot warriors one by one to fight.

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If you win each battle, the sexy assistant Cassy will be the one to give you Gold and rewards. They can be used to purchase new robots or weapons in case the existing robots are unable to fight new enemies.

The strongest iron warrior ever

Bubbles, Hazmat, Cy robot, Jack Hammer, Kawaii, Ghost Face, Depth Charge, Hanzo are very famous names that every player needs to know when participating in the game. Each name carries different strengths, skills, and weapons that will surprise players.

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Just with simple operations, you can buy any robot you want. Please touch the avatar card of each robot to be able to choose the most suitable one. Don’t worry because they will display the corresponding full statistical parameters to help you take a closer look and get the best choice.

Damage, Armor, Level, and Rank are the 4 basic parameters of each robot and each Stats has a basic level and a maximum level for you to choose more easily. ZeroG’s parameters will be the following illustration: Lowest damage 330, maximum 3230, Armor from 230 to 2592, can increase from lv.1 to lev.15 and increase rank to Elite 5.

Hectic gameplay

If you are observant, you will find the gameplay of Ultimate Robot Fighting similar to the fighting game Smash Bros or the mobile version of Street Fighter.

Players only need to touch the screen to perform normal attacks. If you swipe left and right you will get stronger skills or tap 3 times to create combos that combine normal attacks (such as punches, kicks, and extra kicks). If you swipe the screen 3 times in a row you will create a powerful battle combo.

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The special thing that makes Ultimate Robot Fighting attractive lies in the powerful and diverse robots. Players will have a total of 45 different robot strains for you to choose from.

They are inspired by gods, gladiators, fire dragons, monks, ninjas, samurai, and other interesting characters. The more robots you collect, the more you can customize your squad. You will easily control them thanks to the combos from easy to difficult.

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Ultimate Robot Fighting has 4 game modes: Career, Challenges, Daily Exhibitions, Quests with many superpowers present in the game including SP Overkill, Diminisher, Electric Strings, Double thread, Lethal Strike, etc.

You will receive a notification that a new “soldier” has joined the team when you accumulate enough points no matter which mode you play in. In the game, players will not only participate in the arena between two warriors or fight with AI robots, but they will enter a space of an extremely interesting 3v3 match.

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A huge attraction of Ultimate Robot Fighting is that the player just needs to lightly tap the list of robots on the left side of the screen in the battle with a maximum of 3 robots and you will quickly switch between these 3 warriors.

Attractive graphics and lively sound

Ultimate Robot Fighting demonstrates the advancement in the use of extremely eye-catching 3D images and visual effects reaching the “cinema” range. With high-quality graphics, players can customize skills and combine squads more easily.


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The skill of each robot in the game is evident thanks to a series of lights and a unique cell-shading style. 3v3 battles also become extremely intense with sound, magic noise alive.

Players will recognize the robot skills of your team or enemies that will warm even the coldest heads. A super robot fighting game like Ultimate Robot Fighting desperately needs such amazing characteristics.

The image quality of each character as well as in each battle is polished very clearly and carefully. When combined with sound effects, users will be very impressed with the skills in each battle of the robot warrior. You will have a very realistic feeling through each attack in every steel fighting sound of the robot.

An engaging Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK version

Unlimited Money

Players will be able to make some trades easily and get some huge advantages to win you thanks to the Unlimited Money Mod feature. The character’s strength is raised to a maximum when you use this money to upgrade. From there, the robot’s ability to fight and defeat opponents will also be higher.

Easy to control

Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod APK is equipped with a fairly simple control system. You will quickly get used to it and get up to speed in a short time. You can perform simple operations for the character to attack by touching and swiping the screen in 4 directions. To help your robot warrior attack the enemy, simply swipe the screen with an arrow.


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During the battle, the player needs to accumulate energy for the character. When the energy bar is full, for the robot warrior to show special powers, the player just needs to press and hold the screen.

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This will be very beneficial for you because it causes the enemy to lose a large amount of health in the intense battle of the strong attacks of the enemy. Of course, this requires players to have flexible skills and quickly handle any situation that occurs.

FAQs about Ultimate Robot Fighting

Question 1: Where can I download the Ultimate Robot Fighting mod?

It is simple! Our website always gives you reliable link resources to download the Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK on your Android devices with good speed and without viruses!

Question 2: How to play Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK?

Players will need to collect under their leadership as mono more powerful robotic organisms and enter the arena against numerous rivals in the process of passing.

Question 3: How many fighters can you get in Ultimate Robot Fighting?

The fights in the Ultimate Robot Fighting game will take place in a three-by-three alignment of forces. It permits players to choose the three best and try to defeat anyone who dares to challenge them. Cards allow players to unlock about fifty fighters that they can use for tournaments. The player can also receive these cards as a reward for winning and completing certain quests.

Question 4: How do you get money in Ultimate Robot Fighting?

The player can receive these cards as a reward for winning and completing certain quests. The best way to gain the most powerful killing machines is by upgrading the skill. The player can easily defeat enemies of all ranks, and as a result – get much more reward each time improving fighters.


Go down to the comment section below the article and let us know what you think about the exciting version of the game Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod APK. Download the game now to your device to experience and develop your skills to become an invincible robot warrior! Wish you have victories!


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