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Are you an art enthusiast who loves to take artistic photos? Or simply you like to take photos, record videos to keep special memories, memorable moments in your daily life. Vidshow Premium APK will help you create impressive videos from photos and videos in your library. You will have impressive favorite videos created by yourself and easily shared with everyone. VidShow is the popular photo video maker that many people use. Let's read more information about it.


Vidshow is a photo and video editing app that is free and easy to use. With Vidshow, you can freely edit the photos and videos available in your media. You can create videos in your own style from the photos. You can use the music background that the app provides for free to create more impressive videos.

Vidshow Premium Free Download 2021

The app now has interesting editing templates, constantly updated popular beats music, and high-quality photo downloads. You can easily use these videos to upload on your social networking sites. You will have impressive videos that your friends and viewers feel excited about your creativity and art.

Features about Vidshow Premium APK

Make videos with pictures in your media

You can use the photos in your gallery to create a video. You will choose transition effects, change the order of photos, adjust the video as you like. Your photos will now be played in a video, with music, effects. You can keep many memories in a meaningful video and share it with everyone.

Make video with music

The app always updates trending music for you to create videos. You can easily choose the beat that is right for you. You can also use the music in your library to create videos according to your preferences. With the trending music constantly updated, you can create entertaining short video clips, funny clips. You can adjust the playback time of the song, the start, and the end of the track. Creating an interesting video is now easy and convenient with this app.

Vidshow Premium Download 2021

Templates and Transitions

Vidshow has many cool templates, unique transitions that can use for free to create your own impressive videos. The app has a high-quality editing process that helps you create videos that please you. You can easily use effect templates with fascinating transitions. You can edit videos with an unlimited mix of photos. Templates in the app The app has various beautiful transitions such as 3D, Cartoon, Neon, Glitch, ... You can use them to make your video more unique. The app has also many particular transitions that follow the precise beat of the music. The photos in your video will be transitioned to the rhythm. Transitions 3D effects

Save and share your videos

VidShow is a high-quality photo music video editor that is very commonly used nowadays. After creating your favorite video, you can export it in high quality and save it to your phone. You can easily review videos in your library. You can make meaningful videos to give people. You share meaningful videos for friends and family to enjoy. You can also share them on your social media as Tiktok, Instagram, ... You use your creativity to make popular videos on social networks.

How to download Vidshow Premium APK

  • Step 1: Go to on your Android devices
  • Step 2: Type: “Vidshow Premium APK”, choose the latest version.
  • Step 3: Choose: “Setting” and wait till it finishes.
  • Step 4: Open the icon of the app on your device's screen to experience.

FQAS about Vidshow Premium APK

  • Is this app free to download?

Yes, you can download it for free on Android devices from

  • Do I need to pay to use the app?

No. You only need to download it on our website and use it without paying anything

  • Can I play the game on my iOS devices?

Sorry. The app is ready for Android devices.   You can make your life more interesting by creating entertaining and funny videos and clips. Vidshow Premium APK will bring you a best photo video editor and video maker with music. You will create unique videos for you, your friends, and your relatives. Your impressive videos are sure to amaze your followers on social media as well. Download VidShow photo video editor app for free, create interesting videos, share on Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter … and enjoy

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