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If you’re looking for a great app to watch educational content on, look no further than Voot Kids Mod Apk. With over 500 videos on topics ranging from science and math to history and culture, your child will never be bored again. To help you better understand why this is the best app for your child, here are five reasons why Voot Kids is an excellent choice for a kid’s education.

Voot Kids Logo
Voot Kids Logo

Voot Kids offers parents control over what their kids watch

Nazarian says Voot Kids is one of her favorite products because it offers parents the ability to decide what their kids watch on TV. “It’s a great option for parents who don’t want their kids to have access to everything on TV without any monitoring,” she says. I believe that DRM (digital rights management) is a flawed technology at best. Most parents and educators recognize this fact. Voot is using it and not having it is a huge benefit for kids.

When parents choose what their kids watch on TV, they are often limited to shows and movies that are locked to the platform they’re on. While DRM can prevent users from copying and pasting files to their devices, it also prevents them from switching between certain content platforms (like Apple TV/iOS or YouTube). This rules out many educational offerings from becoming first-gen available due to the platform you’re using.

Voot Kids - Watch 13000+ popular toon videos
Voot Kids – Watch 13000+ popular toon videos

With Voot Kids, the content is only accessible to users on the platform they’re on. While this limits the number of platforms they have access to, it also prevents users from hogging the sofa while watching educational shows. You can choose to send them to several different rooms as well as different rooms containing different shows each day. In doing this, a kid can watch the educational content on whichever device is most convenient for them.

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For parents who own multiple devices, having one app to watch all the educational content on makes sense. Having one app instead of multiple devices makes it easier to actually manage your kid’s favorite entertainment media. When I began setting up my daughter’s device, I was only able to watch Netflix on one device, which was an Apple TV or non-Apple device. Once I realized I didn’t have to replicate my work ethic by working multiple jobs to fill the gaps of the device (I was already doing a junior level job), it was easy to narrow the app down to one device. Having one app makes managing her TV viewing simpler.

Voot Kids is available on many devices, including phones and tablets

Voot Kids is available on most devices, including phones and tablets. You can also watch Voot Kids on your television with Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and many others. Voot Kids is also available on streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and many others.

The app has several great features that make it a great tool for education. The best thing about Voot? All of these features are free. Other great features include an easy-to-use schedule maker, playlists, pre-made lessons, and many more. Check out all the features of Voot Kids here.

Voot Kids - Listen 150+ narrated by celebrities
Voot Kids – Listen 150+ narrated by celebrities

Where Voot really shines is its rich collection of educational videos. Even though it’s only a fraction of the list of popular educational apps (that we researched), it has something for everyone. You can easily find videos for all kinds of subjects. There’s a medicine men’s version that you can also find in the Hippos in Space app.

Kids will love learning as they watch the videos, and adults will appreciate the idea of a simple, yet powerful app to help teach your children some new skills.

The free Voot Kids app is available for phones and tablets. Since there are a lot of different features, we suggest checking out all the features here.

Voot Kids features videos from top-notch sources such as PBS and Animal Planet

Voot Kids is a great place for parents and kids to spend some quality time together. The app features educational videos from top-notch sources such as PBS and Animal Planet. Voot Kids is part of the Viacom18 network, which also owns popular kids channels Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. in India. Parents can also find Evenings with Bucks, a series of educational trivia games hosted by comic Bucks made for kids. With over 50 games, there’s something for everyone to play.

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To grow healthy brains, start by learning to read at an early age. With Voot Kids, you can download free educational Finnish reading apps that will teach your child new skills along the way. Choose Bookshelf — a popular app for kids that teaches kids to read over 80 different reading styles. Others include Bokeh, an app that uses Aurora filter technology to bring out details and blurring effects in your photos.
Just like Netflix for kids, Voot Kids also has original shows and movies for kids to enjoy. Although there’s definitely more to be seen at this stage, Voot Kids is definitely worth a look for kids age 7 and older.

Voot Kids has over 500 educational videos to choose from.

Voot Kids has more than 500 educational videos for kids in age groups from preschool to 8th grade. The videos are available in Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Malayalam, and Kannada. On the app’s Help tab, parents can find articles and videos that explain each of the assignment tabs or distinguish between words.

Voot Kids - Read 500+ e-books from top publishers
Voot Kids – Read 500+ e-books from top publishers

Not only can Voot Kids help develop an understanding of the world around them, but the quality of the videos is also top-notch. Kids watching videos can really immerse themselves in learning as they not only build vocabulary and grammar, they also build their vocabulary through mixing stories and examples with verbal interactions.

The variety of videos are great for a range of learning styles

Screen time is limited so a wide range of educational apps could suit your child. If you have a child who likes to picture and draw and you know your child is creative, perhaps take him/her to Buzzing Bird by BrainVU or Sounds of Skool Class. If you’re more religion-orientated, take them to Moses’ Animals or Stories of the Bible for a deeper religious education.

There are also more “classical” apps that are perfect for an education-minded (and somewhat Pretend-like-you’re-reading-a-non-fiction book) child. Consider CardioPlay, which lets a sitter watch videos relating to exercise, and perhaps one of FitnessTime Kids.

Voot Kids is not just educational content, it’s entertaining as well

From challenging puzzles and animations to PBS-style music, Voot Kids delivers entertainment along with education. The range of videos covers such mainstream topics as science, math, languages, and history. A great example of this is the episode on astronomy.

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Voot Kids - Learn from 5000+ fun quizzes
Voot Kids – Learn from 5000+ fun quizzes

Voot Kids has a library that changes with the seasons for new topics and fresh material

If you have kids, you know how difficult it can be to keep them entertained. If they’re old enough to read, they might be bored with picture books, and if they’re not reading yet, they’re probably not ready for longer books. Many parents take advantage of apps that offer educational content for younger kids, but Voot Kids does it even better.

By focusing on reality-based learning, they make learning fun. The videos are not overly complicated, and the exercises are clearly labeled so you can follow along at whatever pace you’d like.

Why is this useful? In the classroom and life, a lack of patience can lead to long periods of boredom. If you’re anything like me, when you’re waiting for someone to finish a task, it feels frustrating.

To avoid the feeling of frustration, offer your kids short exercises for an activity, like five to ten minutes. Even that amount of time spent completing short tasks can help your child develop greater patience. In place of a picture book, a task card, writing prompts, or whatever else you choose can help keep your child focused.

Voot’s tone is also very calming. They blend reality with playfulness, and no matter the subject they teach, the tone is positive. It’s a great tool for building up their confidence or teaching responsible behavior.

If there’s one thing you should know about the school, it’s that students are not always the easiest target. It’s okay to let your kids have fun and play around with things that don’t hurt them. When you do this, you’ll leave your classroom feeling more prepared to handle everyday situations when you enter the real world.

Speaking of dealing with the real world, many parents cringe when they have to discipline their kids. Things like ear-tagging, corporal punishment, and more were commonplace in the past. Voot University makes sure to steer clear of these harsh methods.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a great way to teach your child everything they need to know, look no further than Voot Kids.


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