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WePhone Mod Apk - Free Phone Calls (Unlimited Money)



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Do you usually call for people? You need to call your colleagues, customers to discuss work, or you enjoy calling relatives and friends to chat. However, you find the cost of mobile phone calls is quite high. Don’t worry, by using WePhone Mod Apk, you can get free phone calls and cheap calls. So, how to use this app and how effective it is? Keep reading to find more information about this app.

What is WePhone Mod Apk?

WePhone is the best phone calling app for all people using Android. Using the app allows you to call any phone number anywhere in the world from your phone or tablet. After downloading, you will get trial phone calls with 20 cents in your account and have free VoIP calls, cheap international calls with credit in your account.

With WePhone, you don’t need to add your list to the app, it automatically syncs with your list. The app is the cheapest communication tool with many features to help have a great time when using it. Let's learn about its features.

WePhone Cheap Phone Calls App

Features of WePhone

Make free and cheap calls around the world

After downloading the app for your device, you will have free calls or cheap calls to other people in your country or anywhere in the world. You can get free calls to millions of people who also use WePhone as much as you want. As for calling to those who don’t have the app, you can call any phone number with amazing low rates, such as:

  • Canada: $0.006/min
  • US: $0.007/min
  • China: $0.0159/min
  • India: $0.014/min
  • UK: 0.014/min

The app is easily used with Wi-Fi or 3G/ 4G connecting. The app has a high sound quality with a clear and great voice.

wephone mod apk android

Send and receive SMS

When using WePhone, you can not only make phone calls but also send and receive text/ picture messages. Even if your friends are not online, you can send SMS to their real phone number. You will get free chat with everyone when all of you use the app online.

wephone mod apk

Record your call

You want to save important information in your calls but you find your conversation quick to take note of, the app will help you record your phone calls for free and it is completely safe. So, you can store them in your device's memory and listen again the record easily with this app.

wephone mod apk unlimited money download

Provide a personalized second phone number

Now, WePhone is ready to provide you a second phone number for the USA/Canadian regions. With the second number, you also can get free calls, text messages, picture messages with people around the world.

wephone mod apk unlimited credit

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use WePhone?

Once downloaded to your device, the app can be used even if you don’t register an account. However, to use the full features of the app, you should have an account by registering with your phone number or your email. When you create your account, WePhone will send you an access code to your phone number or email to activate. You use the access code to prove the phone number or email that you provided is your own. And then, you can easily text and call for free other WePhone users with their phone number or email.

How to get WePhone credit?

Besides your free calls to WePhone users, you can call out any phone number or landline number by having credit in your account. You only need to pay a low rate to make your international calls, anywhere. To buy credit for your account, you go to the “Store” tab within the app.

How to set Premium Line?

The calls with the premium line will have more stable voice quality than the standard line, so using the premium line costs higher. You should use The Premium Line only when the Standard line has an interruption. To switch on the Premium line, go to the "Store" and chose the "Call Settings" section in the App. In conclusion, WePhone Mod Apk is a phone call app that helps you call people anywhere in the world at free or low rates. You can make the cheapest international calls with high voice quality. The app is completely safe and ready for you to get and use. Let's download and enjoy!

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