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Dec 3, 2021
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What is the world of the Western cowboy, full of romance or violence? Have you ever wanted to be a cowboy, riding on horseback roaming in the wilderness and desert? Or you want to take part in fierce gun battles with bandits in wild taverns, etc.? Check out the game Westland Survival MOD APK to experience the exciting life of a cowboy.

A general introduction about Westland Survival MOD APK

If you love cowboy themes, love riding around in the West and solving everything with a gun, great, Westland Survival MOD APK is definitely the game for you.

introduction about Westland Survival MOD APK
introduction about Westland Survival MOD APK

The game is set in the West, known to be the ideal land for outlaw people such as criminals, bounty hunters, smugglers, and even murderers. Why are these fierce people being so free? Laws in the West are implicit conventions of these criminals. Here, there is no right and wrong, just the weak and the strong. To survive, you need to learn how to fight and protect yourself.

Join the game, your character is a trader. When passing through the Westland, the carriage was attacked by a bandit, causing entire people to die. You are the only person alive. And your mission is to find the guys behind this and revenge them.

But to complete your mission, you need to survive and create your own Wild West ranch in the desert. You cannot live without knowing wood logging, mining, deer hunting, etc. Often, players have to fight thugs with pistols and rifles. There will be many occasions when you need to create a device for yourself. These can only be purchased by coin. The Westland Survival MOD APK brings UNLIMITED COINS. That means, you can make as many crafts as you want. Is it a goal?

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How to play Westland Survival MOD APK?

There are many interesting things are waited you behind in the Westland Survival MOD APK. Download the game and explore them all.

Learn how to survive in the wild

how to survive in the wild
how to survive in the wild

The robbers took away all of you from your property, your friends to your weapons. You are left in the middle of a desert – a strange and dangerous land with two empty hands. The most important thing you need now is food and water. You have to start collecting the few remaining items that can be used. Also, you need to fabricate some tools from stone and wood, then use them to exploit, hunt and manufacture.

When night falls, the dangers appear. At this time, you need a house. Collecting wood and stone, you can build a small house to protect yourself from dangers lurking.

Tame wild animals

Tame wild animals
Tame wild animals

You are living in the wild. So, there will be many wild animals around you. At first, they are dangerous to humans. But players can tame the animals to become harmless ones. In addition, you can raise more horses to use it as a means of transportation instead of walking. This will greatly shorten your time.

Eliminate bad guys

Eliminate bad guys
Eliminate bad guys

Outlaw guys’ dominance is really a concern for honest people in the Westland. The police are no longer interested in their jobs. Even, they can sell nice people in exchange for some dollars. From an ambush survivor to the life of a tramp, you need to avenge your friends and eliminate bad guys in the area. They have many dangerous weapons so prepare your guns to be ready to fight.

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Experience Western lifestyles

Experience Western lifestyles
Experience Western lifestyles

If you have the dream to experience life as a true cowboy, then Westland Survival MOD APK can satisfy your aspiration. When having free time, you can enjoy a lot of interesting activities that you often see in Western cowboy movies. You can walk around or shepherd while on horseback. Also, you participate in some intense gunfights between cowboys to receive bonuses.

How to download and install Westland Survival MOD APK?

Have a look at our easy-to-do installing guide below:

  • Download APK files of the latest Westland Survival MOD APK.
  • Before installing the downloaded APK, enable “Unknown Resources” in the Security settings.
  • Go to homepage after the game is completely installed.
  • Click on the Westland Survival app icon to run it and enjoy the life of a cowboy.

Westland Survival is an interesting game. And the MOD APK makes it thrilling. So, what are you waiting for without installing it on your phone?


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