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WhatsApp Plus - In an era where technological developments are so dominating today, it is only natural that chat applications are very much needed. Moreover, an application that has a variety of features that can help every user. One example of a very famous chat application is WhatsApp (WA).
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There are many reasons people use WhatsApp, one of which is because it is easy, and fast. However, do you know if there is such a thing as WhatsApp Plus? What is WhatsApp Plus?

All of this was created because of the limited features that WhatsApp has, even though official WhatsApp has many advantages.

Because of these factors, technology developers began to intervene to modify WhatsApp to be more diverse for its features.

So what is WhatsApp Plus? WA Plus can be said to be a modified WhatsApp application with a variety of very helpful features which official WhatsApp does not have.

Of course, the features that WhatsApp + has been very helpful and very profitable for its users.

WhatsApp Plus features

Here is a brief summary of the interesting features that WhatsApp Plus has that you can use:

1. Anti Banned

It is no stranger to WhatsApp Mod users about this one feature.

This feature can be said to be one of the most vital and mandatory features to always exist in every WhatsApp Mod that exists. This aims to ward off bans or blocks that will be carried out by the official WhatsApp.

With this feature, it is likely that your account will always be safe and well protected.

2. Change the Theme at will

The next feature that we will discuss from WhatsApp Plus is a feature that is able to change the theme or Change Theme on the front display of this application. In this application, you can download or change the theme according to what you want.

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On the other hand, you can also make interface changes to Whatsapp Plus, starting from the font size, font shape, to changing the header according to your heart’s desire.

Additional information that WhatsApp Plus has provided various themes that you can download up to hundreds

3. Automatic Message Reply

For Whatsapp Business users, it is definitely familiar with the automatic message reply feature. Well, there is good news for you to bring Whatsapp + which also presents an automatic message reply feature that you can use.

With this feature, you can reply to every incoming message automatically using the message template that you created earlier.

You can also set when the feature will automatically reply to incoming messages, for example, if you create an automatic message during your break time.

4. Hiding the Status “Currently Typing”

We can say that this one feature looks quite trivial, but some people are very grateful for the presence of this one feature.

With this feature, your chat opponents will not know when you are typing the message you want to send.

This one feature is perfect for users who have a habit of writing old messages and often edit messages before sending messages

5. Anti Delete Message

This is one of the WhatsApp plus features that users like quite a lot. As the name implies, this one feature can display messages deleted by our chat opponents.

Retracting messages or deleting messages that have been sent usually often occurs in WhatsApp groups, be they WhatsApp groups of school friends, work friends, or family WA groups.

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With this feature, we can see every message that our friends pull. Really interesting?

6. Long Duration Video Status

Not much different from the features offered by YoWhatsApp or GBWhatsApp, this feature is also present on Whatsapp Plus. with this feature, you can create a video status that has a long enough duration of up to 7 minutes.

Very different from the official Whatsapp which can usually do a video story in about 30 seconds.

This feature is very suitable for those of you who really like to share videos of long duration, be it music videos, short movies, and many others.

This feature can also support your work through online video promotion on your WA status. You can also make a story review and upload it via the WhatsApp story.

7. Save Friends Story

The next very interesting feature presented by WhatsApp plus is being able to save your friends’ stories.

In contrast to the official Whatsapp which requires additional applications to be able to save the status or Story of your contact friends’ WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus has added a feature to its application. so you no longer need to bother using third-party applications to download status. Very effective anyway.

8. Send Large Files

Techtodown feels that this one feature is really needed for Whatsapp users who are not just for chatting but more towards sending data or documents.

With the presence of Whatsapp Plus, you can send files with a capacity of up to 50 MB and for audio files, you can also send up to 100 MB, wow right?

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With this feature, you no longer need to worry about photos being compressed by WhatsApp. You can send a photo or video in full or full quality (the same as the original file).

9. Multiple Accounts

With the presence of this feature on WhatsApp Plus, you no longer need to bother using multiple devices or even downloading third-party applications to be able to create dual or more applications.

WhatsApp Plus presents a feature that you can use to create multiple WhatsApp accounts in one application and on one mobile device.

How to Install WhatsApp Plus (WA PLUS)

  1. The first thing you have to do is back up your old WhatsApp data.
  2. Make sure that all your WhatsApp data is very well backed up via Google Drive.
  3. Download WhatsApp Plus. Make sure that you choose the most recent version of WhatsApp + yes. Save the file with the .apk extension on your smartphone.
  4. Then open and install the file.
  5. If the file cannot be installed, then you only need to go to the Settings menu on your smartphone so you can reinstall applications other than Google Play. The method is very easy, you only need to enter the Settings menu -> Security Settings -> Activate ” Install Apps from Unkown Source “.
  6. After that, you can set up your WhatsApp Plus like regular WhatsApp.
  7. WhatsApp Plus is ready for you to use.

That’s a summary of the article about the features of WhatsApp +, how to download it, even how to install it from this application. If you have a problem, don’t hesitate to ask through the comments column

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