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Are you looking for a fun creation game? WorldBox MOD APK is the perfect solution. This world creation game allows you to build your own planet from scratch! It can be as small or as big as you want it to be, and everything that happens on it will depend on what you create. In WorldBox, there are no limits - explore space, make new friends, and enjoy yourself with this awesome app!

Introduce about WorldBox

Sandbox games have been well-liked for a long time, and gamers have taken notice. There are several remarkable Android mobile applications, such as Tilting Point's TerraGenesis or recently introduced WorldBox by Maxim Karpenko. The combination of Sandbox and Indie genres will undoubtedly be something unique and exciting.

WorldBox Mod APK Free Shopping Premium

Maxim Karpenko's WorldBox is a god simulator-style 2D project that was released in 2018 by WorldBox. You can create your own planet from scratch, form and place continental zones at your leisure, and pick flora and fauna to suit your style. In addition to animal ecology, you may also develop sentient beings with the choice of civilization's path. Do you wish to take on the responsibility of an all-powerful deity? Now you have such a chance.

Build your world

Have you ever dreamed of turning yourself into a deity to reshape and rebuild the world the way you desire it? When WorldBox MOD APK gives you the power of God, your opportunity has arrived. You may create or demolish whatever you want. Everything is in your control. Alternatively, construct something preposterous (such as dropping the Orcs in an area inhabited by Elves) and see what happens.

WorldBox Mod APK Free Shopping Premium Unlocked

The table at the bottom of the screen displays all of your power. You should note some of their features, such as saving and loading a current world, as well as creating a new world and setting up rules for the world. You can start playing without any instructions from the system once you know these things. With just a little piece of property available, you begin to construct the lives of animals. This is handled in Civilization by skills. Constructing a village or kingdom is simple and rapid, requiring simply one click. However, you do not want to allow folks to live in peace and grow up happy. Drop mythical creatures, monsters, or natural calamities from nature as quickly as possible. Human survival ability will be judged swiftly once they can't overcome the challenges inherent in nature or the laws of the world. Touch, drag and drop are the only controls available in WorldBox MOD APK. Simply choose the corresponding species and touch any location on the map; they will be inserted there. If you want to zoom in/out or transfer to a different location, Tap two fingers simultaneously to zoom in/out or drag.

Let’s destroy something

As a God, you not only have the capacity to bring life into being but also the power to destroy anything you choose. There are several options available at the destructive force tab for performing this. TNT, which is extremely volatile and combusts on contact with the ground, may be used in many ways. Mines (atomic bombs), infinity coins (meteorite fragments), or atom bombs (infinity coins) may all be utilized to reduce by half the total number of living beings on Earth, comparable to what Thanos did in Avengers: Infinity War when he eliminated half of all life in the universe.

WorldBox Mod APK Free Premium Unlocked

No, that isn't all. Monsters and calamities are just as ferocious in their destruction as nuclear weapons. Can you incorporate fire dragons into your newly built village or kingdom to see how people battle this frightening creature? Create tornadoes, lightning, or even a firestorm to observe them move throughout the area.


Modern video games are often created on sharp and realistic 3D platforms, yet WorldBox employs an antiquated 2D pixel style. Looking at the figure above, you can see that a lot of people are interested in this artwork, with more than 10 million downloads to prove it. WorldBox may seem easy, but it has some truly amazing fire effects. With that come the sounds, which were recorded from the actual environment. You can sense how the devastation occurred or simply listen to the birds singing as they fly overhead, the sound of sheep when they were born.

About WorldBox MOD APK version

Because of a request from the developer, the MOD APK version has been taken down. They've given us permission to distribute the unique APK version of the game, which is exactly what we did. You may access special features of the game by viewing advertising for a set length of time.

Final words

WorldBox is ideal for those who enjoy a calm and cerebral pastime. This fun game allows you to explore a unique world that you created yourself. See how people and elves construct cities, as well as how animals and plants develop. You may also see how different races interact with one another in society. Do you wish to forge your own digital realm that is distinct from everyone else's? What are you waiting for?

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WorldBox Mod APK Free Shopping Unlocked
WorldBox Mod APK Free Shopping Premium
WorldBox Mod APK Free Shopping Premium Unlocked
WorldBox Mod APK Free Premium Unlocked
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