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Looking for a captivating creation game? Look no further than WorldBox MOD APK. This extraordinary world-building game empowers you to craft your very own planet from the ground up! Whether you prefer a petite paradise or a colossal cosmos, it's entirely up to your imagination. Every event that unfolds is a result of your ingenious creations. With WorldBox, the possibilities are boundless - explore the cosmos, forge new friendships, and immerse yourself in this remarkable app!


Sandbox games have enjoyed enduring popularity, capturing the attention of gamers worldwide. Among the standout Android mobile applications are Tilting Point's TerraGenesis and the recently introduced WorldBox by Maxim Karpenko. The fusion of Sandbox and Indie genres promises a truly distinctive and thrilling experience.

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WorldBox, created by Maxim Karpenko, is a captivating 2D project in the style of a god simulator. Released in 2018, this game offers you the power to craft your own planet, sculpting its continents to your liking and selecting the perfect mix of flora and fauna. But the possibilities don't end there - you can even shape the destiny of sentient beings and guide them along the path of civilization. Are you ready to embrace the role of an omnipotent deity? This is your chance to do so.

Build your world

Imagine the power of becoming a deity, capable of reshaping and rebuilding the world to align with your desires. With WorldBox MOD APK, this dream becomes a reality. You hold the authority to create or demolish as you please, with everything under your control. Alternatively, indulge in your creativity by creating unconventional scenarios, like dropping Orcs into an area inhabited by Elves, and witness the fascinating outcomes that unfold.

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The power of your world is displayed in a table at the bottom of the screen. Take note of its features, such as saving and loading your progress, creating new worlds, and setting up rules. Once you grasp these concepts, you can dive in and start playing without relying on system instructions.

With just a small piece of land, you can begin constructing the lives of animals in Civilization. This is achieved through skills. Building a village or kingdom is simple and fast, requiring just a single click. However, peace and happiness are not your goal. Quickly introduce mythical creatures, monsters, or natural calamities to disrupt their lives. The survival skills of humans will be tested when they face the challenges of nature and the laws of the world.

In WorldBox MOD APK, the controls are simple. Touch, drag, and drop are all you need. Choose the desired species and place them anywhere on the map with a touch. To zoom in or out, or to move to a different location, simply use two fingers to tap and drag.

Let’s destroy something

As a deity, you possess not only the ability to bestow life but also the power to obliterate anything of your choosing. The destructive force section offers various options for carrying out this task. TNT, known for its extreme volatility and propensity to ignite upon contact with the ground, can be employed in numerous ways. Mines (atomic bombs), infinity coins (meteorite fragments), or atom bombs (infinity coins) can all be utilized to diminish the global population by fifty percent, akin to Thanos' actions in Avengers: Infinity War, where he eradicated half of all existence in the universe.

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There is more to consider. Monsters and calamities possess a destructive power comparable to nuclear weapons. Imagine the inclusion of fire dragons in your newly constructed village or kingdom, witnessing how people bravely combat these fearsome creatures. Observe the movement of tornadoes, lightning, and even firestorms as they traverse the area.


While many modern video games boast sharp and realistic 3D graphics, WorldBox takes a different approach with its charming 2D pixel art style. As depicted in the image above, this unique artwork has garnered immense interest, with over 10 million downloads serving as a testament. Although WorldBox may appear simplistic, it showcases truly remarkable fire effects that captivate the senses. Furthermore, the accompanying sounds were meticulously recorded from real-life environments, allowing players to experience the true essence of the devastation or simply revel in the melodious songs of birds and the gentle bleating of newborn sheep.

About WorldBox MOD APK version

Due to a developer's request, the MOD APK version has been removed. However, we have obtained permission to distribute the exclusive APK version of the game, which is exactly what we did. By watching advertisements for a specified duration, you can unlock special features in the game.


WorldBox offers an immersive experience for those seeking a tranquil and thought-provoking pastime. Immerse yourself in a captivating world of your own creation, where you can witness the development of cities, the growth of flora and fauna, and the interactions between diverse societies. Are you ready to forge your own digital realm, unlike any other? Don't hesitate, embark on this extraordinary journey today!

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WorldBox Mod APK Free Shopping Unlocked
WorldBox Mod APK Free Shopping Premium
WorldBox Mod APK Free Shopping Premium Unlocked
WorldBox Mod APK Free Premium Unlocked
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