Worms 3 MOD APK


Games Arcade

Download Worms 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money). In this game, you will control an army of worms to carry out battles in an unusual but quite interesting world.

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Worms 3 MOD APK


Games Arcade

Download Worms 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money). In this game, you will control an army of worms to carry out battles in an unusual but quite interesting world.

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Worms 3 MOD APK is back with an all-new arsenal and a brand-new game! Worms 3 MOD APK takes the well-known turn-based strategy shooting game and adds a few new twists, such as playing cards that can change the flow of battle! There's a lot more to say about this game. Simply follow us to see what we have to say.

What makes Worms 3 interesting?

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Worms 3 is a difficult to master shooting arcade game. Worms are ruthless soldiers fighting on battlefields such as every beach, farm, ghost, and sewer; they will operate everywhere and shoot our characters. And, while some elements were repeated, it was unavoidable to put in between that small-scale carnage and a vast arsenal of evil bridesmaids. With the addition of tradable modes and a plethora of healthy game modes, this mobile war has become even more engaging and enjoyable for players. Teams of four worms will take turns fighting weapons of great destruction on the combat terrain in the game.

Different types of worms

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The worms have their own quirky personalities, and you'll be able to fully customize the different soldiers on your team, from adding funny hats and glasses to deciding what their victory dances and even gravestones will look like (you'll notice my own team, the affectionately named Worm Squirm, sporting stylish red snow hats and curly white colonel moustaches in these screenshots). Aside from dressing up, you'll be able to select one of four different worm classes, which vary in size and affect their speed and movement on the battlefield.

Various game modes

In addition to the main campaign mode, Worms 3 provides a plethora of different ways to play, all of which are executed flawlessly and provide everything you could possibly want in a mobile Worms release. There's the usual online multiplayer component, as well as a quick match option against the computer worm A.I.

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The two best additions, in my opinion, are the local Pass 'N' Play multiplayer mode, which allows up to four teams of worms to battle it out on the same device, and the addictive Body Count mode, which allows you to see how long you can survive against wave after wave of increasingly difficult squads of worms.

Many wild and wacky weapons

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Worms 3 has more wild and wacky weapons than any other Worms game, including the traditional Bazooka, Prod, and Dynamite, as well as the much more experimental and hilarious Homing Pigeon, Old Woman, and my personal favorite, Nora's Virus, in which you literally unleash a poisonous sneeze on your unsuspecting worm opponents.

Tips for playing Worms 3

Now, let’s head over some tips and tricks for you to lead your worms to victory.

Enjoy card games!

As you will see in the tutorial, strategic use of playing cards can turn the tides of battle. Having said that, you can play cards during the single player campaign if you want to. I recommend it because they can really come in handy when you're in a pinch, but make sure you earn some coins first so you can buy some booster packs!

Pay attention to the wind meter!

Blue arrows pointing right or left can be found in the top right corner of the screen. The wind indicator is this. The direction in which the arrows point corresponds to the direction in which the wind blows. The stronger the wind is, the more arrows there are. Wind power can affect certain weapons and items, such as the bazooka, so be cautious!

Use knockback weapons for worms close to the edge!

Keeping an eye on the environment is critical to eliminating the enemy worms! Always notice to worms that are getting a little too close to the water. Get right next to them and smack 'em with a weapon that has strong knockback, such as a bat or a fire punch! When a worm swims with the fishes, it dies instantly!

Download Worms 3 MOD APK of TechToDown

Alternatively, there is an actual way to become better at the game without having to put so much time and effort. That is through using Worms 3 MOD APK. By using this MOD to your advantage, you will get access to a completely unlocked gameplay with the Unlimited Money option. That’s so great, right? MOD features:

  • Unlimited money
  • Everything unlocked
  • No ads


In conclusion Worms 3 MOD APK offers matches with the most diverse collection and style. Along with that, the weapon cards, the new battle scene, the new game mode... will all excite you more than ever. Are you willing to join them? Download the game right now and experience it for yourself.

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