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YouTube Music Premium Apk (MOD/Background Play) Free Download for android + Reviews the updated features and how to install the application. Until now, when we mention YouTube, we immediately think of watching a video. This means that when we listen to music on YouTube, the video will also play. Things like this are even less fun when many people only need to listen to music, not videos. It also causes a lot of inconvenience with the device screen remaining active while using youtube, even though we are not using it. This leads to battery drain, wastage, and unnecessary things.

Youtube Music Premium Apk

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When android opens the screen, private information is easily displayed if careless. we can also tap the screen and activate the functions we don't want. Now, this discussion is about youtube music, which is the same application as youtube that has the freedom to search, but this is without video, more precisely like mp3 online. There are several versions in the youtube music application, there is an original version and a premium mod version, here is an explanation and download link

YouTube Music Mod App

Overall, YouTube Music is the perfect app for just listening to music. Because the playlist will be listed as a regular music playback application. However, the source is from YouTube. This means that the music we listen to is recorded directly on the YouTube platform and used in this application. When we upgrade the Premium package application, we will hear music in the background. We can turn off the screen while listening to music. This feature is very important for music lovers.

Streaming music has brought the latest hits from favorite artists YouTube Music as a streaming application that is being widely used We can subscribe to the channels of our favorite artists. Every time we stream, we will receive notifications & can enjoy the content we want. Thanks to direct copyright registration on YouTube, artists create unique and interesting content on this platform. That is, what we see above this application is not displayed in other applications.

The Youtube Music Premium Apk

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Youtube Music Features (Premium)

YouTube Music apk is not an ordinary or canned music streaming app. Even after we compare it with other music streaming applications, this application still has some features that really need to be considered. Here are its features:

No Ads (No Ads)

Another thing we might not like is the annoying ads! This becomes a very big problem when listening to music videos in the YouTube app because there are a lot of ads being shown for long videos. However, with the YouTube Music Premium app, we are not bothered by ads. That is, we can enjoy the old ad-free music experience. No need to download music because we can stream without worrying about ads popping up out of nowhere and ruining the atmosphere.

Play in Background

If you have been using the internet for a long time, you know how annoying it can be if you can't play videos in the background. The youtube music app is a savior app for most people who want to listen to music while multitasking on android. Of course, we can play downloaded music on android while doing other things.


This is a standard in every music player app, even if we want to adjust the equalizer & adjust what we want to hear.

Restricted Mode

YouTube Music makes it possible to hide inappropriate content that other users report. This ensures that everything is still secure on the platform.

Looking for lyrics

Sometimes we suddenly hear good songs like at the mall/radio. But when we try to find the song, we don't know the title. This is a big problem because it sucks so much. This application can search for song lyrics

Song Search Engine

YouTube Music has tons and even millions of music in its database! It is updated regularly, so it can bring in new music every day. And because YouTube is such a big search engine app, it's probably going to be a lot more music than we can hear. We don't need to search anywhere, we can search by category and preference.

Download song

When streaming platforms are out of fashion, people download songs using third-party apps. Thanks to the YouTube Music mod apk, you can now download music directly from the app. In this way, we also save on data usage.

High-Quality Audio

Of course, we can download music from the YouTube app and call it all day long. However, this method is sometimes may not get the best quality. Therefore, music will not be as comfortable as using YouTube Music! In the YouTube Music application, the quality of the music is as high as possible. YouTube buys a license so that it can be featured. Therefore, we don't have to worry about this.

Youtube Music Premium

How to Install or install the Youtube Music Premium Apk Application

  • In the first step, please download the apk file by clicking the Download button on the link above.
  • Select Ok to carry out the download process for up to a few minutes.
  • After the download is complete, do the unknown application settings by:
  • Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Unknown apps.
  • After completing the installation by clicking the apk file of the application and selecting install to carry out the installation process then wait a few minutes
  • Press complete, open, and play the music.

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