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youtube premium official logo
youtube premium official logo

YouTube is the largest community on the web and in the world when we are talking about videos of any kind. Nowadays, YouTube became also a music app, a video streaming platform, and social media. Users can even get access to youtube from desktop, mobile, and TV. In general, this is the ultimate place people come for their multimedia needs.

Since 2015, YouTube starts to offer a premium membership paid by the month. This premium subscription can improve a lot of the service experience with interesting features. In the YouTube app on mobile devices, for instance, users can let videos playing in the background while performing other activities.

In this post, we will give you all the information to decide if YouTube Premium is worth paying for. After, you can learn how to use its Mod Apk version!

Note: Spotify Premium Apk is also a worthy choice to enjoy countless music services, free music downloads, provided for free for Android, applicable to students and familie.

Is it worth paying for a YouTube Premium Subscription?

Paying for YouTube may sound odd for most users. The popularity of YouTube comes from the fact it is free and already really easy to use.

In a few instants, for no cost, users can share videos virtually with the whole world and watch millions of others. YouTube drives millions of free visitors each day from the whole world, resulting in 2 billion active users per month. Omnicore Agency has this page where it presents the amazing stats of YouTube. It is worth a checkout.

YouTube is also the second most used search engine, coming just after Google. Noticing its potential, the giant tech company bought the website from its founders not more than one year after its release.

Despite its amazing usability, some things can be improved. Ads, for example, are the one thing that annoys YouTube users the most. The ad-free subscription, thus, is attractive if you want to save time and not to watch irrelevant propaganda.

Another interesting advantage of paying subscribers is to watch YouTube videos and listen to YouTube music offline. We will talk more about all these features in a minute!

To get access to YouTube Premium, users may choose between full-price and relatively cheaper plans like student and family (up to 5 members). Of course, that depends on the user’s willingness to pay for the service.

youtube premium free trials and prices offered for family and student plans
youtube premium free trials and prices offered for family and student plans

Next, we will show the whole trade-off concerning the paid perks. So keep reading!

What is included in YouTube Premium?

Since you want to know which advantages come with the YouTube premium membership, we will present below how many benefits there are on the premium subscription.

youtube premium propagando displaying its main features
youtube premium propaganda displaying its main features

The YouTube Premium membership features are:

  • Ad-Free: watch videos without ads hindering your flow.
  • Background Play: let videos playing in the background while you are using other apps and even when the screen is locked.
  • Download Videos: spare your data package and access selected videos offline.
  • Access YouTube Originals.
  • YouTube Music Premium: improved interface, ad-free, download music to listen offline, and play music in the background.
youtube premium landing page in the youtube mobile app
youtube premium landing page in the youtube mobile app

Ad-Free Videos

With no ads disrupting the videos, the experience on YouTube is truly more pleasant. The feature is also available on YouTube Music premium. You can enjoy any content without being interrupted, may it be on your mobile device, desktop, or Smart TV.

Background Play

If you are a multitask person, you will love this perk. With YouTube Premium, you can let videos streaming in the background if you need to use another app at the same time. You can still listen to the video’s audio when your device’s screen is locked.

Download Videos on your Mobile Device

This service is appealing for subway users and to anyone that needs to spare their data package. Being a premium member of YouTube, you get to download videos to watch them offline. You can select the videos you want to watch and save them on your phone with one click. This way, you will not always need the internet to watch your multimedia content.

YouTube Originals

As a paying member of YouTube, you can get access to original content produced by YouTube. We are talking about exclusive videos, movies, web series, TV shows, and much more. It is worth checking out the full list and its channel to know if anything is interesting for you.

YouTube Music Premium

youtube music logo
youtube music logo

YouTube Music is already a popular service, competing even with apps of the likes of Spotify. The advantage is that, on YouTube, music is consumed like videos, as video clips are available.

If you get YouTube Music Premium, you will have all the above benefits available in the music app. It is possible to download music to listen offline and even with your phone’s screen blocked. This option will also get you access to an uninterrupted stream of music with no ads.

Note that you can sign for a YouTube Music Premium plan for $9.99, not including the video benefits. However, it is maybe not worth it since the price difference is very small.

Are there any Advantages for Content Creators on YouTube Premium?

The YouTube Premium subscription does not enhance the content creators’ advantages. It only focuses on the consumers’ experience. Signing for it will not get you more subscribers nor will give you more tools for it.

Are there any more benefits of being a paying member of YouTube?

Officially, the main features available for paying members are only stated above. However, as the TechCrunch blog has been disclaimed, premium subscribers do get privileged treatment in new product experiments. That means they can get access earlier to new YouTube features in the future, whether those new products are for paid memberships or not.

Does YouTube Premium have a Free Trial?

YouTube Premium allows users to enjoy a free trial version for one month. before the first payment. You can use all paid features in the trial. Afterward, it charges users per month.

Other than trying it for free, users can also sign for alternative plans, like Family or Student plans. They both offer a free trial option for a whole month.

How much does YouTube Premium cost?

The full price for a YouTube Premium membership is $11.99 per month. It costs £11.99 in the United Kingdom.

The Family plan charges $17.99 per month, while the student plan charges $6.99 per the same period of time.

What is the Difference between YouTube Red and YouTube Premium?

YouTube Red was the predecessor of the present paid version of the video-sharing platform. It offered users the possibility to watch ad-free videos and access YouTube Originals. It charged around $10 per month. Not much changed, features such as the offline download and the background play were already available. The only important difference was on YouTube Music, not provided for YouTube Red.

How to Download the APK Mod of YouTube Premium?

Finally, if a paid membership is not what you are looking for, but still you want to enjoy its benefits, so maybe the APK Mod is the right choice for you.

The latest APK version for this mod is 16.29.36, available for download online. This will enable you to benefit from paid features at no cost. Just mind the risks: your account can be banned from Google as a penalty for avoiding the payment.

To download and install the YouTube Premium APK on your mobile, you first have to allow installations from third-party sources. In an Android, follow this path: Settings > Biometrics and security > Install unknow apps > your standard browser. Set the “Allow from this source” option on and download the APK file.

Follow the installation through until the YouTube Premium Mod is running on your device.

We hope you enjoyed reading our post!

If you downloaded YouTube Premium, leave a comment telling us about your experience! We will love hearing from you!

See you in the next post! And now let’s:


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