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To be honey, most of us take YouTube to our advantage to watch free videos. This is the largest online video-sharing site in the world which is developed and provided by the developers of Google LLC. However, even such a famous developer could not satisfy all users in the world. The official version of YouTube also has its disadvantages that discourage user experience. That is the reason why some technology lovers have modified the original YouTube app to create a better version called YouTube Vanced MOD APK.

Features of YouTube Vanced MOD APK

YouTube Vanced MOD APK

These days, there is an opportunity to make a lot of money by uploading videos on YouTube. Because of this, you will have to watch many annoying ads. You can overcome this by using YouTube premium which allows you to watch ad-free. But this subscription costs $11.99/month which is a little bit expensive.

So, if you’re looking for a free alternative that offers the same features plus more, you can look no further than YouTube Vanced MOD APK. Keep reading on to explore what this modified app can do for you.

In-house Ad-blocker

The biggest complaint of YouTube users is the obtrusive ads. Nobody wants to face those annoying ads, which keep on disturbing us while watching a video. As mentioned above, YouTube Vanced MOD APK has an extraordinary gift for all of you in this way. In this app, all the ads have been removed that ultimately helps you get an ad-free experience without paying a premium subscription.

Play videos in the background

It is annoying when using normal YouTube, that this application does not allow you to run in the background. While listening to a favorite song, your girlfriend sends a message on Messenger. You have to pause your watching and switch to another application to reply to the message. Your music listening experience has decreased significantly. YouTube Vanced has overcome this crisis. The advanced version allows you to run in the background like other popular mobile music players. As a result, you can both listen to music on YouTube, read newspapers, text messages, use Instagram or many more. Even better, this app still runs when your screen is locked.

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Zoom in & out of videos

Do you believe that? Now you can zoom in or out videos in YouTube Vanced MOD APK with two fingers. It’s just as easy as you zoom a photo. That said, if you have a large display screen, you can pinch to zoom it with YouTube Vanced.

High Dynamic Range Mode

YouTube developers are working tirelessly to update and evolve their apps yearly. Now, YouTube even has the High Dynamic Range mode which increases the video quality tremendously. However, this premium feature is not compatible with all devices. Thankfully, YouTube Vanced MOD APK can force this option on any phone.

Various themes (Black/Dark/Pink/Red)

Are you bored seeing the background color of YouTube? If so, we are sure you will please with this new feature of YouTube Vanced MOD APK. Now you can enjoy multiple backgrounds of different colors. With this feature, your app will look more attractive.

FAQs about YouTube Vanced MOD APK

Are you convinced to download YouTube Vanced MOD APK on your phone? Or do you still have some questions running through your mind? If it is your case, then you should scroll through the below section where we have put together some frequent questions about this app section. But if there is any further question in your mind, do not hesitate to ask us with the help of the comment section.

Is it safe to use this YouTube Vanced MOD APK?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use this modified version. As we always said, any mod application that we share on our website is first tested by the expert team and various types of premium antivirus.

Is YouTube Vanced MOD APK illegal?

This app is totally legal! It is just a modified version of the official YouTube application that provides lots of premium features free of charge. And you can use it without any legal issues.

Can I get YouTube Vanced on iOS?

No, it is not possible to use YouTube Vanced on iOS devices because it is available in .apk format, which supports only android devices. In conclusion, Youtube Vanced MOD APK is an unbeatable modified version of YouTube where you can customize the whole interface according to your liking and enjoy lots of unique features. Download it and see for yourself.

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