Z Escape Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Download for Android



Download the latest Z Escape Mod to rescue your loved ones from invaders. Sit on a helicopter to stop and shoot down invaders to your location.

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Z Escape Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Download for Android



Download the latest Z Escape Mod to rescue your loved ones from invaders. Sit on a helicopter to stop and shoot down invaders to your location.

5.0 and up
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Z Escape Mod Apk is a game for Android where you have to save your family and friends from being kidnapped by invaders. The Z Escape Mod Apk game has many interesting features such as rescuing hostages, shooting down enemy helicopters, and more! If that sounds like something you would enjoy then download the Z Escape Mod Apk now!

About Z Escape

Z Escape Mod Apk is a shooting game with minimal graphics in which the player will help survivors from fleeing hordes of zombies. Time to rescue your loved ones! The user takes part in rescue operations aboard a helicopter instead of the gunner. The vehicle will fly up into the roofs of high-rises, where infected chase men. For the salvation of those people, the gamer has to shoot at zombies as well as various objects that can block their way. To save successfully one person it's necessary and for successful completion of difficult task, so fire shall be careful enough. The Z Escape Mod Apk latest version helps players locating and shooting down invaders that enter your area by air or ground (with tanks). You must use particular weapons like sniper rifles if they invade by air; while machine guns work well against enemies coming through land vehicles.

z escape mod apk latest version download

Fight the zombies

When we watch zombie movies and shows, they all appear in the movie. We have seen many main characters try to fight many zombies in their own way. But what if you suddenly get lost in the zombie world? In Z Escape Mod Apk you can experience this while trying to save many people from the undead. Your only job is to use the helicopter-mounted machine gun to help the civilians without getting hurt! Not everything is so easy, as there will be hundreds of zombies in the queue. Then you have to knock them down, not hurt them. Use your aim to fight and shoot zombies. You can also shoot nearby tanks to hit multiple vehicles at once. Then use your common sense to shoot the zombies around them! Here you have to be a fast and skilled shooter.

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In Z Escape Game, players will face many enemies. Your task is to destroy them and save the residents of the city. The enemy gets very close, and you have a weapon in your hand. Everyone in the town is at large. At the top of the building. The enemy attacked them from all sides. Destroy them before they reach the fleeing citizens. If you capture all citizens again, you will have to repeat the task from the beginning. In some levels of the game, huge iron balls and explosive barrels will appear. Balls and explosive explosives can help you destroy more enemies. As you save more citizens, your rewards will increase. Take a helicopter to destroy all enemies along the way and save as many city residents as possible! But you can't save everyone, so use your surroundings to support yourself. Are you ready? There is only one way to find it!

z escape mod apk latest version


Shoot and kill zombies

When almost all humans become zombies, the rest is up to you. They can only go on the roof, so hurry up! Try to take the survivors to a safe place and shoot the zombies chasing them. Depending on the level, you can face different zombies from all sides. Before the survivors board the helicopter, you will have to use your quick reaction and shooting skills to destroy them all.

Multiple levels

There are many levels waiting for you here. Different civilians are waiting to be rescued, so shoot these zombies. Save people to become Rambo in this fun game! Complete each level to get crazy rewards and unlock many weapons in this game. You will find that many types of buildings have different obstacles that can help you slow down the speed of zombies.

Update time, personnel, and weapons

In this game, you will save everyone from zombies, but in the end, it will slow downtime, so you have a chance to defeat many zombies. You can increase the slow time by using your money, and then you can also increase the number of survivors and eventually get more rewards. Finally, you can unlock a variety of weapons with different rarities.

Realistic graphics

Immediately enjoy this dream game with realistic graphics!

z escape mod apk unlimited money

Download Z Escape Mod APK for Android

To successfully rescue your loved ones from invaders in this escape shooting game you will have to kill Zombies before they get close enough to shoot down your helicopter. With an unlimited supply of ammo at your fingertips and free reloading, you don't need to worry as long as you stay accurate with your every shot. Download now to join the rescue.

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