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As the zombies are no longer a new topic for many players, it's time to introduce Zero City MOD APK. This is an original survival game that comes with many thrilling elements and events from the apocalypse. The game offers you a chance to experience what life after the end of the world is like. Thousands of people have been infected by this virus and turned into zombies, making them lose their humanity and turn into monsters who only know how to kill or be killed. It's up to you whether you want to fight against these monsters and destroy them all or just escape from this place as soon as possible!

Zero City mod apk

Story of Zero City MOD APK

The zombies are coming! The game begins with an experimental laboratory that spreads a virus created for bioengineering around the world. This horrific experiment turns humans into mindless, rotting corpses who crave human flesh and brains. Hordes of undead walk towards any living thing within their line of sight to infect them too or consume their ribcage like wild animals without morals - just like you do as they spawn at ever-increasing rates from the underworld. Fortunately, there's hope because this is also where your story begins: You're among those still alive trying to escape before it’s not only too late but time becomes irrelevant due to so few people left on Earth capable of playing DayZ...

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The zombie threat does originate from one person infected by experiments conducted by the military to create a new bio-weapon. This person was then bitten and infected others in his city before the plague spread across continents. The time has come: You're not safe anywhere anymore... There is only one way to survive this apocalypse as more people gradually become infected – you need an impenetrable shelter where zombies will never find their prey! This means finding your own bunker with all of its defense systems up and running, food supply intact, clean water sources on guard duty - which isn't easy given that our world went mad from fear so now there are fewer resources for survival than ever before! But it’s worth fighting on; even if humanity can be lost forever… or at least we can try to save that which is most important and precious.


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Players will be in charge of organizing a team and making preparations for the zombie army that is coming. The gameplay may seem simple, but it can get tricky as you progress through each level. You'll need to think about how best to allocate your funds by purchasing supplies like guns or food while also building new buildings and upgrading existing ones with materials found during missions. Sometimes when things don't go well on a mission, you might want some assistance from airstrikes or healing units so they stay alive long enough to fight another day! You can also bring your friends into the battle by playing with them in campaign mode. The game is built on a player-versus-player system that comes complete with rewards and achievements, so you'll never get bored!

Zero City Features

Discover the coolest features of Zero City MOD APK.


It's not always easy to escape the confines of everyday life, but sometimes you need a break. Zero City lets players have a little fun in their lives with detailed graphics and desolate landscapes that will pull them into this interactive world. Players can be free from first-person or third-person carnage battles by seeing everything on the 2D plane; it is reasonable enough when experiencing this game firsthand. The gameplay primarily focuses on managing bases while changing things up every so often for variety during missions such as raiding outposts - all to fight against zombies!


Maintain your base by building and upgrading structures, managing resources, training survivors to help you clear out infestations. Building the Zero City is just like a puzzle that needs to be solved one step at a time. You can always raid new bases for more supplies or trade with other players to get what you need faster!


Train up Survivors into Experts, then send them on missions to earn Coins and loot from Outposts - which will not only take care of zombie hordes but also give you additional supplies along the way. Use these coins as currency when trading with friends or purchasing items in-game for better efficiency in clearing out infestations such as bringing back food stocks so nobody starves during a zombie attack.


Take on the endless waves of zombies that come at you. Once your defenses are breached, you will need to defend yourself with a variety of weapons from close combat knives and axes to shotguns, rifles, and machine guns. Every weapon has different stats such as accuracy rate or strength so it's important to use them according to what suits your level best!


Define how difficult you want Zero City Last Bunker Shelter & Survival Game by adjusting difficulty settings in-game! This includes everything from zombie attack frequency rates up to food consumption rules for survivors - which affects their performance levels during missions as well as work speed while crafting items within bases; even down to whether they should get hungry or not when being idle! - Weapon stats, including accuracy and strength. Each weapon has different stats that make it more effective in certain situations than others. It's important to use the right weapons depending on your level of difficulty with zombies. - Difficulty settings are adjustable, starting from zombie attack frequency up to food consumption rules for survivors - which affects their performance levels during missions as well as work speed while crafting items within bases; even down to whether they should get hungry or not when being idle! The only limit is what you set yourself.


There are two types of equipment: weapon and protective gear. Players can equip themselves with weapons such as shotguns, pistols, knives, or even a grenade launcher! Protective gears include helmets, gloves, boots - to protect against zombie bites during missions; body armor for extra protection from bullets in the event of an attack by other survivors; gas masks that keep players safe from toxic air outside base walls caused by zombies who have broken through defenses. Choose wisely when equipping yourself because it will affect your performance on different levels throughout the game.


Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival is a great game for those who like to witness the evolution of zombies and enjoy feeling them in their hands. So, download this game now!

FAQs about Zero City MOD APK

What is the Zero City Mod Apk? It's a modification of the original game, which gives players more features and possibilities in it. What are the benefits of modding this game? There are many advantages to editing this game but some highlights include individual skin color, increased storage capacity, and an improved zombie AI for better gameplay experiences. I am not interested in any mods; can you tell me what else there is in this version that makes it stand out from others like Dead Trigger (MOD)? Yes! The latest update has included all weapons found on previous versions as well as new items such as gas masks with filters or body armor for extra protection against bullets when zombies find you.

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